The Importance of Environment

Beloved friend:

Make sure your environment is beautified by harmony, music, and flowers. 

Surrounding yourself By living light, uplifting loving people, and healthy reminders of your choices and priorities wherever you go and are.

You know you are with the right people and environment when you are uplifted, energized, productive, peaceful and eager to cheer upon yourself and others’ successes. 

If you experience the opposite; a drainage, loss of productivity and of energy, these are wonderful signs for you to move on, change your mind, clear the way and say farewell to the old or those who rather see you stay where you are at than grow and evolve. 

Never allow others opinions, beliefs, or the projections of their own frustrations or limitations to become your mental and emotional environment.

Let them keep what is theirs as you keep for you what is yours 

Being responsible for ones own creation is an act of self love, and in this response-ability you have the power to choose to what you say YES and NO to.

And if you are in relationship with someone who chooses such choices, or addictions, diminishment, needs to be right, or need to have the “control”, then remember, if you love them, and you Love you, to be kind to you, trust that their choices are their own and love them enough to move forward. 

The old belief that LOVE must tolerate it all or that we must stay forever with someone no matter what, is a way to decrete that suffering, not joy is the default of life. 

Move out of environments of depletion and into environments of replenishing radiance, health and love.

Life is the most sacred gift of them all…

Don’t waste it by being loyal to the past or others’ approval. 

Saying yes to status quote mentality and saying no to you is truly a definition of insanity.

Move forward and Godward and into the house of harmony that feels well with your soul.

For life is bliss, 
Life is great,
And this Life is meant to be lived by YOU 


Choose wisely 

I love you thank you,

Ivonne Delaflor

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Ivonne Delaflor
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