About Ivonne.

Ivonne Delaflor speaks on Faith

Ivonne,  is a writer, keynote speaker, and the host of the Spirituality Now podcast, with over 20 authored books, she is also a documentary film producer and the founder and dedicated host of the Network for Human Empowerment. 

Known for creating the viral movement “21 Days of Faith in Action” in Latin America, Ivonne advocates for a worldwide movement of faith in action. 

As a committed practitioner of Tai Chi and Gong Fu Cha (Tea Meditation), which she believes is a higher calling, she is both a philanthropist and producer, supporting those seeking self-realization. 

Ivonne, rooted in family and the pursuit of God-Realization, embraces her roles as a loving mother to three children and an animal lover, cherishing her Shih-Tzu companion, Oreo. 

Her life is devoted to service, continuous learning,  mentoring those in the path of faith, fostering meaningful connections,  creating brilliant futures, and doing good deeds for the world. 

In 2018, she felt the call to be baptized as a true devoted admirer of the leadership of Jesus. 

Ivonne has also taken the Bodhisattva vows and actively pursues to practice them daily, aspiring to embody their principles in her life’s journey. 

She holds the belief that God alone is, and the diverse paths converge in the journey toward a higher purpose that is beneficial for all sentient beings.