About Ivonne.

Ivonne Delaflor speaks on Faith

Ivonne Delaflor serves humanity as an Author, Mentor, Philanthropist, Speaker, Teacher, and as the Mother of 3 lil’gurus and Oreo, her baby dog.

She is a Shaolin Arts, Gong Fu Cha, Vipassana, and ZEN practitioner.

President & Founder since 2013 of
Delaflor Teachings International
A Spiritual, Systemic & Futuring Coaching & Consulting Co.

She is the Founder & CEO of
Brilliant Futures Mastermind ( Gold & Platinum Levels)

Ivonne is the Creator & Producer of the
Network for Human Empowerment.

She is the Film Documentary Producer & Executive Producer of the film:

& the VOP Documentary film releasing date 2025.

She is the Creator of the
CONVERGENCE: Spiritual & Leadership Mastery Inner circle

Founder of the
International School for Futuring
The School of The Codes of AH

She is the Host, Director & Executive Producer of the
Spirituality Now Podcast

After a Near Death Experience at the age of 17 where she almost lost an arm, a leg, her ability to walk, and her life, she VOWED to be an active servant of humanity as a conduit of God’s grace.

She is committed to Helping humans recover and strengthen the power of self-faith, take their faith into ACTION, surf the storms, and BE & RETURN THE CALM.

She is an Aspiring Bodhisattva and you can often find her traveling, serving, creating, staying at a monastery, or practicing GONG FU CHA, drinking tea.

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