Benevolence: Music CD (released 2016)

After more than a year of steady action, commitment, work, preparation, and with the support of the Universal Laws of Action, Incremental Effect, and the Law of Compound Interest, BENEVOLENCE the CD has birthed into the world.

I have butterflies in my stomach, like 1000000000 of them, for the live Launch of it.


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The Soulmate Called God (released 2004)

May all beings realize God within and Love each other with unconditional Love ~ Ivonne Delaflor

First released as a CD, this spoken word album featuring the voices of Ivonne Delaflor and Alex Slucki is now available for listening and sharing from SoundCloud.

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Selected Tracks and Interviews

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Unplug Your Mind!: Messages from the Ascended Masters

I found myself reading this late at night into the early morning hours, quite literally drawn to it when everyone was asleep …free of any possible distractions, which I encourage you to do as well as you’ll want to meditate on every message, whether you understand the connection to your own journey at the moment you read them or not …you’ll find yourself re-reading the messages over and over

Messages of BEING, awareness, consciousness, raising your frequency and vibration, love, purity, humility, mastery over the words you use free from ANY judgment (towards yourself and others), and powerful messages on how to become the observer of your thoughts and emotions to unplug from the mind (which should be a tool, not a tormentor) …and how to live in the NOW, no longer in the past or non-existent future …true freedom!

HIGHLY recommend!

– Mark Wilhelmsson

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Unplug Your Mind!: Messages from the Ascended Masters

“How do you describe a cool spring rain on your face? Impossible! That’s how it is when I try to describe what it feels like to be in India. Most words seem useless; adjectives that might otherwise be appropriate miss the mark. I have felt this way for a long time until I read Ivonne Delaflor’s book India, The Journey of a Lifetime. Finally, someone else was able to describe the magic, beauty, mystery, and heart of India that so many others have failed to fully capture. This book is an opportunity to see the guru in every face. This is the message her books impart more than any other: God, lessons, and love are everywhere…in each smile, frown, smell, noise and moment. It’s what India teaches us. It’s what Ivonne surely understands and amazingly communicates to us about a mystical journey through this unique and mysterious continent.”

– Maggie Rauen.Co-Founder of the Peace by Piece Project, Santa Barbara, CA.

100% of the proceeds benefit Tsunami Disaster Relief Organizations and the Orphanage La Casita De Cancun

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Holistic Animal Welfare Program: Through The Codes of AH, Bach Flower Remedies 
& Messages from the Ascended Masters

The Holistic Animal Welfare Program is timely and unique. Planet Earth is now on the verge of the biggest global crisis in human history. Starvation, extinction, violence and the loss of the value of the sacredness of animal life are at stake. This program offers quantum healing tools through the sacred geometry Codes of AH©, (exclusively created for this program) and the use of the Bach Flower Remedies. These tools are coupled with visualizations and exercises aimed to support the animal kingdom to heal and regain its balance and safety, and to educate mankind to the urgency and importance to care, respect and protect the animal kingdom and earth.

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Divine Mother: Devotional Offerings for the Sacred Feminine within All Beings

“Without the Divine Mother principle incorporated into one’s concept of ‘God,’ half the story regarding divine nature is not told.”

Ivonne Delaflor’s stunning collection of devotional poems sets in motion the Divine Feminine within your consciousness so that her compassion and wisdom will become a part of you. The poetry, the stories, the prayers, and the higher invocations included in this collection are not only about God as the feminine force in heaven but are also for the God in everyone and everything-the feminine in each flower, each living creature, and each cell. The Divine Feminine lives in all creation. Whether you are male or female, let Divine Mother reawaken the Divine Feminine energies within you.

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Divine Father: Reawakening the Balanced Male Spirit & Sacred Mind of Humanity

Divine Father was an opportunity for me to explore masculinity, the male spirit, and the relationship between feminine and masculine energy. It was an opportunity for me to reflect, to examine what I think and believe about what it means to be a man in today’s world, how and when I stifle that spirit, and what I can do to touch and release the Divine Father that exists within me. It was an opportunity for me to reflect on the important concepts of balance, my changing role of son, spouse, father, grandfather and all the masculine possibilities that still exist for each of us.

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Your Soulmate Called God

“As I was reading the book, I began having the experience the author shared in the introduction. I thought I was imagining things, but somehow as I was reading the book; veils were lifted from my consciousness. I am not usually an avid poetry reader, but this poetry transcends concept, and the creative visualizations really put me in close contact to my inner god, my true soulmate. The book left me with the same feeling of “being in love.”
Lara Rothschild

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The Book of Origins: Recovering the Original Divine Blue Print Essence

What if there was a place in the universe, or in another universe, where no evil forces, dark beliefs, negative thought projections, energy blockages, or control issues were present? Is there a place such as an intact field of light, benevolence, and love? In The Book of Origins, author Ivonne Delaflor presents lessons she received that propose a new vision of a universe, in which harmony is seen not as something to fight for, but as a natural ebb and flow of events through the choices we make. Throughout a period of five years, Delaflor received more than five thousand messages during conversations with her transpersonal masters. In this text, she does not interpret the lessons but rather shares them in order to help people form better relationships with their inner voices and make sense of their spiritual experiences. A clear and readable map for navigating the harmonic energy dimensions, The Book of Origins supports humanity within the inner ascension process as we evolve as species of consciousness in the here and now and beyond.

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Invitation To Love: 108 Reminders for the Enlightened Ones

Follow the Sanatan Dharma, the Eternal Religion of Prema, Divine Love, the one and only that can only be found in your heart. And remember: YOU must guide others to it through love, simplicity, and truth. That is the only way. That is the unspoken, eternal and nameless way. Always remember that no time is ever wasted except for the time that “one” is not loving. Move out of the house of ignorance! There are better places to live. Ring, ring! Wake up! The Buddha nature and Christ-like energy within are ready to be reawakened in all. Become like a child! Enter the kingdom of heaven. The Christ and Buddha nature are within! So, where is the kingdom? Excerpted from Invitation to Love. 108 Reminders for the Enlightened Ones “The greatest blessing in my life was the gift of being in the physical presence of Babaji in Herrekhan in 1980. One day he said that he would be leaving his body, I asked him if he would still come to me if I asked. He simply looked at me and smiled knowingly and said: “Of course!” Recently, my work healing moved to a new level. Some of the recent miracles have been so powerful as to leave me shaky. I could only turn to God to keep myself stable and humble, and so I asked for his advice. Well, he has answered my request. And I imagine he will answer the prayers of many others, through the writings of Ivonne Delaflor. In them, I recognize his voice, his humor, his teaching. Thank you, Babaji! And thank you, Ivonne, for being such an open channel!”Dan BruléGuchu Ram Singh

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Stop Wasting Your Time & START Doing What Matters Most! A Wake-Up Call For True Leadership

People who believe that they have no time and who lack the awareness of values, time management and goal setting, tend to be followers. They procrastinate, they usually don’t care to contribute to the higher good, and they live in a comfort zone with no vision or plan for a better future. They live their lives in a blurry world where opportunities are missed and the promise of success is blocked. In Stop Wasting Your Time & Start Doing What Matters Most! A Wake-Up Call for True Leadership, you will gain new awareness and learn how to use success strategies and the art of goal setting in deciding how you spend your time and thereby transcend the limits of possibilities for your future. True and good leaders understand and rely on these tools to achieve success. Are you a true leader? Are you prepared to make a significant difference in your life and the lives of those around you? If you are ready to find the answers within yourself; if you are willing to start doing what matters most; and if you want to leave a legacy of power, synergy, and higher values to the children of humanity, then this is the book for you. This is your wake-up call for true leadership. “The way you determine your values and organize your priorities determines everything you achieve as a leader- and this book gives you a wonderful blueprint to do just that” -Brian Tracy, author of How the Best Leaders Lead

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Stop Wasting Your Time & START Doing What Matters Most! A Wake-Up Call For True Leadership – The WORKBOOK

Stop Wasting your Time & Start Doing What Matters the Most; A Wake-Up Call for True Leadership THE WORKBOOK is designed as a support tool TO Stop Wasting your Time & Start Doing What Matters the Most in all areas of the Human Experience. This WORKBOOK will walk you, your business and your employees through those necessary steps assisting in making the changes that lead to the desired success.

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The Positive Child: Through the Language of Love

In 1988, Ivonne Delaflor had an accident that changed her perception of life forever. After a near death experience, she began to listen to her higher guides and the voice of God and began to pursue, with grand courage, her spiritual journey. Ivonne Delaflor is a certified trainer of The Parent Talk System created by Mr. Chick Moorman, and teaches meditation classes to young children in Cancun, Mexico. She is the mother of two children.

Ivonne is the Creator of the Mastery Life non-profit organization that is constantly researching the evolution and the sharing of spiritual life. As a passionate child advocate, her mission is to assist all children throughout the world to never ever forget who they are. She offers regular seminars, conferences, and workshops for parents in Cancun, Mexico and assists others to do so.

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Mastering Life: Co-creating a Reality of Love Through the Power of Sharing

From the Foreword by Alan Cohen: “The lessons here in Mastering Life keep pointing us back to the simplicity of loving. We find ourselves in a world where complexity seems to pull us from joy at every turn. Simply holding the consciousness of love will open doors that anxious striving cannot. Behold the answer that soothes, heals, uplifts and changes the world, beginning with ourselves.”Take your time as you stroll through these insightful pages. Absorb the words and images and make them your own. While they seem to be teaching you, they are really reminding you of what you know deep inside your heart. Then bring the principles to life in your own unique way and enjoy the blessings they deliver.”

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Sacred Messages: for the Parents of the World by Ivonne Delaflor

Parents TRUST that if you are reading this book right now it’s because your inner child and your children are vibrating in a higher frequency of love and growing in awareness to create a most conscious world.

Your studies, your PhD’s and mental knowledge are useless now. It’s time to bring forth the wisdom of the ancients. It is time to show the spiritual face of human existence. Many in the multiple universes are ready. Are you ready?

Time to shake the illusory world! The children have arrived.

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