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Free Online Courses / Cursos Gratuitos en Línea

Past Classes & Offerings

  • The Ark of the Covenant
  • Odyssey Initiation Retreat
  • Voices of Power
  • Awaken The Mastermind
  • Higher School for Conscious Evolution
  • Holistic Animal Welfare Program
  • Brilliant Futures Leadership Certification
  • A N I M A; Tantra & The Future of Archetypes
  • The Sacred Man
  • Frequencies of Source
  • Ascended Masters Teaching Academy
  • Diamond Mentorship Program
  • Connecting with Intelligent Space
  • The Rebirth of The Divine Mother
  • RebEarth© Taoist Tea Ceremonies
  • Tantra and Sacred Relationships
  • Leadership Rebirths at the Ritz Carlton Cancun
  • The Spiritual Face of Autism
  • Summoning the Power of Woman
  • The Codes of AH™ for Autism
  • Healing of the Female – Male Rift and Manifestation of the Female-Male Sacred Union Seminar
  • Supporting the healing the causes of eating disorders “Humanity Physical and Energetic Eating Disorders”
  • Mastery Life Coaching Certification