I would like to personally welcome you to this great adventure you have just endeavored on. We named it “21 DAYS OF FAITH IN ACTION”, a 21-day program through which we will explore the past together, break anchors, recover and empower you, reconnect with the divine creation within you and maybe, just maybe, experience a miracle of transformation and personal transmutation.

These 21 Days of FAITH IN ACTION surged from a period in my life where I experienced sheer CHAOS. Everything I believed to be my life came crumbling down.

The person I thought to be the love of my life became a great master of contrast. I experienced my second divorce, and between feelings of de desolation, loneliness, judgement, thoughts of failure and the total breakdown of what I thought my life “should be”, I observed how about almost everything I had created (or at least I thought to have created) dissolved as sugar in hot water while I was in the deepest of pains ever, similar to the pain I experienced when I was 17 and had a near death experience as a result of a car crash, losing and recovering both my arm and my leg.

However, in this occasion, the pain was different. I entered this experience without judgement and without creating a guilt-trip, without getting hung up on remorse nor suffering and being aware of the pain. Having done so, I found the unexpected, I found inner peace.

This peace seemingly manifested in the form of an obedient soldier and guardian of mine.

No matter how much I wanted to enter the story of “poor me” and “why me?” or “what did I do to create this?” This Peace was here to stay, and for the second time around, I experienced total peace. (the first time was during that almost-fatal accident where I had a near-death experience).

In the process of experiencing peace and pain simultaneously, I sat down one night to write a letter, imagining to be God and my higher self to be the authors, giving me advice. That is when a miracle occurred, while writing or should I say receiving these writings, as in the letter I was instructed, in my own handwriting, to create a group to share these 21 days of FAITH IN ACTION.

When I wrote it, I ignored it, however the message kept appearing, it manifested over and over again. So I immediately created a group on Facebook, where I thought I would share this task with no more than 6 friends.

To my surprise, hundreds of people from the Latin American and Hispanic community all around the world started to join in and even started sharing. This is when FAITH IN ACTION went viral.  

I am not only in awe of how the videos were shared and grew into an organically spreading movement but also of amazing people of FAITH that went through the exercises, meditations, challenges and recommendations of these 21 days of FAITH IN ACTION with absolute certainty, commitment and clarity.

The testimonials we have received (and that we will share with you later) have been so powerful that I have already used entire boxes of tissues to dry up the tears of amazement and gratitude.

The experience has filled me with humility, amazement and the absolute recognition that WITHOUT A DOUBT, GOD and the unconditional love exist AS ONE, that MIRACLES  are REAL if and when we decide to open up our hearts, soothe the mind and dedicate our actions to life and creation.

From my heart to yours, I welcome you and I invite you to create your own experience throughout these 21 days of FAITH, LOVE and above all ACTION.

I also ask you to respect the sacred space that we have created for you as you make your own videos and share your images.

And I also want you to know that with these 21 days we are not trying to convert anyone to any particular religious or spiritual belief.

It is my intention to offer you a set of tools, which you may choose to keep or discard and it is my belief that if you believe in yourself, we can all create and grow together, in respect of each other’s individuality, we can live without judging, live with more FAITH and less fear.

Let us all help reminding that through FAITH IN ACTION in the HERE and NOW, it is Time to Awaken.

I thank you and I invite you to share these videos with those you think may benefit from them. If you decide to do so, please use the hashtag #21DaysOfFaithInAction

Once again, from the heart, I welcome you


Day 1 – Honoring Our Temple

Day 2 – Feed Your Body Heal Your Soul

Day 3 – Taking Inventory

Day 4.1 – The Letter

Day 4.2 – Added Value Prayer

Day 5 – Pause

Day 6 – Attributes

Day 7 – Create Space

Day 8 – Forgiveness

Day 9 – Forgiveness part 2

Day 10 – Self Confidence

Day 11 – Embrace Your Light, Embrace Your Darkness

Day 12 – Atomic Thoughts

Day 13 – Honoring Choices

Day 14 – Indecision Activates Fear

Day 15 – Be the Master & Director of The Technology of Your Soul 

Day 16 – Revelation without Application is a Future in Despair

Day 17 – Narrow Down The Narrative

Day 18 – Strength

Day 19 – The Art of Humor

Day 20 – The Power of Scientific Prayer

Day 21 – Transcendental Rebirthing