1:1 Mentorship with Ivonne Delaflor

Ivonne is a creator, mother, business owner, producer, teacher, had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, and more than 20 years of studies of mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual tools and techniques for well being. She has been serving leaders over the years, assisting them into being more productive, slow down internally, accelerate externally, achieve more results, generate more health, and learn how to be the calm in the midst of a storm .

In November Ivonne will re-open space for 1:1 mentoring options for you to MASTER flow, the sacred pause, and create your life every day as new, exiting repetitive patterns that keep you in survival mode most of the time ⁣

So if you are interested to join, please fill the next form.

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I had renounced so many vows and blind loyalties and was filled with so much taught ‘moral’ judgment that I renounced that it never occurred to me it was time to write my own precepts. I’ve been settling into them and see how they are transitional agreements for myself as I grow. Wow, now I’m super excited.