Transcendental Rebirth Method™, created By Ivonne Delaflor

After more than 14 years of training, rebirthing, educating, certifying, and supporting people with the tools of Transcendental Rebirthing healing from ancestral trauma, integrating family dynamics, and rebirth of A NEW in the NOW,

It is time for me to pass the torch to even more people than before of this MISSION that found me in 2005 via our first Complete Certification Training done ONLINE.

Watch a video in which I explain more about Transcendental Rebirthing, by clicking here.

As of this date, Transcendental Rebirthing has helped thousands of people:

  • Restore Faith in themselves
  • Heal/understand Mother-Father relationships to you & your future
  • Find the power of “slowing down” within
  • Activate and use the tool of “the Sacred Pause”
  • Heal the Mother & Father wound
  • Re-Establish a harmonic coherent connection with natural law and thus our true inner nature.
  • Reclaim the sovereignty of their personal power
  • Experience deeper compassion for the self and for others
  • Get in synchrony with the intelligent space, AKA the infinite mind
  • Knowing when it is NOT YOUR TURN (which saves you from attracting unwanted karma, or karma that does not belong to you)


Taking your “TURN in LIFE”…

This is a very INTENSIVE training that takes place:
  • once a week
  • two hours each week
  • beginning in August 2022,
  • and it is hands-on training even when it is online.
Early bird is open now and is $3528.00 until July 22nd, and after that, it will go back to its regular price (the Regular Investment Fee is $5528.00).

Transcendental Rebirthing Testimonial

Katerina Satori

The first time my world collapsed…
I was 5 months in my mother’s womb.

On that fated day, my dad got into a car accident: two people were hit, one died on the spot.

My dad’s dreams died that day too: promising future of the navy academy morphed into several years of jail.

My 5 months pregnant mom, with a one-year-old toddler, my sister, on her hands, took on the stress of unknown future.

My world collapsed with the collapse of my mother’s world;

Cascade of stress chemicals flooding her womb,
No more a safe place for me to grow in.
To cope with the rapidly changing environment, trauma layered upon trauma,
I began what is called “organizing around my mother’s feelings”,
A term used in generational trauma work…

The first major rift between my mother and I began in the womb as well;

And the lifelong pattern of mine, to unconsciously taking a role of a caregiver instead of being a child, began as well…

I grew up as a little adult, as early as I can remember,
Unconsciously seeking acceptance through the blind loyalty
To my mother, unceasingly organizing around her feelings.

Taking more than my little body could handle,
Storing deeply in my subconscious all the wounding.

The grace of the early trauma was the activation of my extrasensory abilities…

I was practically born psychic, seeing through people, through the agendas, deception, and manipulation…

Hearing the voices of spirits, angels, and elementals…

I withdrew into my inner world, seeking comfort that was missing in my external world.

Only now I see how ALL of that was preparation for my life’s work and my calling.

My training began in the womb.

I can easily access the depths of subconscious not only in myself
But in others, helping them reprogram their inner reality from struggle to thriving.


And the reason for this share is this:

On the 13th of January 2018, I went through a REBIRTH…


My soul recognized that it was my chance to reboot all trauma patterns and start anew.

My dear ally, Ivonne Delaflor, took me through a process designed to retrieve the key missing experiences,
While returning to the Universal Womb Space;

And to heal the rift, to reverse the misplaced roles,
To restore my wiring,
To help me rebuild my boundaries, and to empower me with the gift of the Honest NO
And a Selective YES…

See, when a baby experiences such early trauma, she gets confused about her roles,
And begins to organize around the feelings of others.


It finds herself in a “ghost womb”,
Mother’s consciousness not fully present at the most crucial times;

Mother’s soul frozen in trauma,
And the baby floating in the womb,
Unconsciously trying to restore harmony lost.

I spent DECADES organizing around other’s feelings,
My needs placed at the bottom of the pole,
Becoming a chronic over-giver,
Burnout after burnout,
My body was paying the toll…

My Higher Self in its infinite wisdom
guided me to Ivonne Delaflor
To receive the healing of the trauma
That happened during my non-verbal years.

“You are so easy to carry,’
Whispers Ivonne, cradling me in her arms,
“And you are so easy to love…Welcome to the world.”

Tears streaming my face and the deepest healing of wholeness restored, a new start of a new life…

I realize that the words don’t do justice as such experience must be lived through, but what I can testify is that after Transcendental Rebirth
With Ivonne, my sense of self, the healthy sense of self was restored, and I regained liberating power

My Honest NO and Selective YES became banks of the river
Through which my service to others
can flow in the most compassionate way.

I am no longer driven to sacrifice myself by my non-verbal traumas;

I know the difference between empowerment and co-dependence.

I began serving instead of pleasing.

Leading instead of carrying other’s pain on my shoulders.

Everything changed since my Transcendental Rebirth.

This share is a tribute to Ivonne Delaflor
Who helped me RESET my entrance to this world,
From trauma to victory,
from confusion to clarity,
From sadness into everlasting joy.

If you already follow Ivonne and you resonate with my story,
I urge you to explore a private transcendental rebirth experience with her, don’t ignore your intuition, it always leads you to your next liberation.

I am forever grateful for the way you impacted my life, Ivonne.
Thank you for your sacred work.
I love you.

You can visit Katerina’s social media by clicking here.

Transcendental Rebirthing Master Trainer Facilitators

Linda Heller

Linda has been a teacher all of her adult life.  She is a seeker of self-mastery and even higher levels of responsibility and freedom in both her inner and outer worlds.  Linda is a creator of online programs to support others in attaining freedom from the past through 3 Keys to Personal Freedom a program that integrates The Sacred Principles of Transcendental Rebirthing, Conscious Connected Breathing, and Personal Power Language.  Linda published Invocation to Mindfulness and she has co-authored and co-created The Great Mother Speaks and the Blessing Way with Claudia Mardel, an online program to bring personal ritual into the 21st century.

Linda is a Level IV Transcendental Rebirthing Trainer of Trainers. Her books are the children birthed from her own personal Futuring experiences and coaching with Ivonne Delaflor

You may connect with Linda via Private message on  her Facebook profile by clicking here, or via e-mail at

Sylvia Dokter

Transcendental Rebirthing Trainer of Trainers (trained by Ivonne Delaflor since 2008), professional transformation coach, intuitive healer, and author.

Sylvia is the creator of the Me, Nó Pause lifestyle for women approaching and beyond 50. A lifestyle in which the women recognize that they are living the best stage of their life.

She also founded the Whole Beingness Center and created a unique technique based on craniosacral principles combined with a spinal release technique.

Her passion is helping others find inner freedom and flexibility of mind, spirit, and body, and most of all, joy for life.

She speaks Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish.

You can contact her via Facebook by clicking here.