Transcendental Rebirth Method™, created By Ivonne Delaflor

The Transcendental Rebirth Method™ is a creation of Ivonne Delaflor. It is a sacred, safe, and supported environment where any human being, no matter the experience he or she has had, is able to explore their birth and beyond with the support of a conscious team, we call sacred womb-mates.

The transmutation of Ids, created by the beliefs of traumatic experiences, analogical states of mind, disintegrations, or subconscious assumptions in T.R (Transcendental Rebirth) are immediately transmuted and elevated into golden nuggets of wisdom, leading towards integration, realization, and absolute recognition of that which truly belongs to an individual to work on in divine timing and absolute mature adult-ship.

The inner child is acknowledged all the way through this process, in which the person in turn to rebirth is supported whole-heartedly in his/her intention, to rebirth in ecstasy, bliss, reverence, and wisdom.

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Transcendental Rebirthing Master Trainer Facilitators

Linda Heller

Linda has been a teacher all of her adult life.  She is a seeker of self-mastery and even higher levels of responsibility and freedom in both her inner and outer worlds.  Linda is a creator of online programs to support others in attaining freedom from the past through 3 Keys to Personal Freedom a program that integrates The Sacred Principles of Transcendental Rebirthing, Conscious Connected Breathing, and Personal Power Language.  Linda published Invocation to Mindfulness and she has co-authored and co-created The Great Mother Speaks and the Blessing Way with Claudia Mardel, an online program to bring personal ritual into the 21st century.

Linda is a Level IV Transcendental Rebirthing Trainer of Trainers. Her books are the children birthed from her own personal Futuring experiences and coaching with Ivonne Delaflor

You may connect with Linda via Private message on  her Facebook profile by clicking here, or via e-mail at

Sylvia Dokter

Transcendental Rebirthing Trainer of Trainers (trained by Ivonne Delaflor since 2008), professional transformation coach, intuitive healer, and author.

Sylvia is the creator of the Me, Nó Pause lifestyle for women approaching and beyond 50. A lifestyle in which the women recognize that they are living the best stage of their life.

She also founded the Whole Beingness Center and created a unique technique based on craniosacral principles combined with a spinal release technique.

Her passion is helping others find inner freedom and flexibility of mind, spirit, and body, and most of all, joy for life.

She speaks Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish.

You can contact her via Facebook by clicking here.