You Don’t Belong to The World


You don’t belong to the world, a world that wants you to be predictable and controllable.

The darkness
The pain
The stories 
The trials 
The falls,
The failures,
The moments of distress…

Yes, those have been here, then and there….experienced in the world that has tried to control you, the world of perception, 

But oh beloved, without their contrast, 

Would you have found your weapon of light?
Would you have found the benevolent sword of your truth?

The one that is not meant to harm another, but serve you conquer the illusory monsters dressed as fear living in the precious temple of memory in your mind, those that are feeding from ignorance and lies?

Once you have found your truth, your sword, benevolently and powerfully, will begin to remove the weeds grown in the land of your experience….

And as the weeds dissolve, the promise land will show up…the veils will be lifted 

And The endless romance with life will have begun…

….Enemies will forever disappear,

And the evidence of love will be manifesting through your every daily breath, as you would have relinquished the fearful garments you once wore as yours, and will dress up by choice, in the royal robes of faith. 

So beloved friend..

In your journey as YOU, 
…re-member this well…

You don’t belong to the world…

You belong to yourself.

I love you….



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Ivonne Delaflor

Ivonne is a specialist in sustainable human transformation. She is the creator and founder of the Transcendental Rebirthing™ system, a Master Trainer of Futuring™, Film Producer, is the Vice President of the Brilliant Futures Institute and founder of the organization Mastery Life. Ivonne is the author of 17 books, and two music CDs. Unlock the power of your faith by joining the hundreds of others in the 21 Days of Faith in Action.
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