Ivonne Delaflor hugging a sequoia treeIvonne Delaflor 2019

Enjoy The Now

One of the spiritual ailments in humanity is not the greed for…
Ivonne Delaflor meditating in SpaceIvonne Delaflor 2019

Morning Revelations After Meditation

Beliefs that appear to obstruct one (self) on the spiritual…
Ivonne Delaflor meditatingIvonne Delaflor 2019

Fully Unleashing The Bhakti

One morning I rose and decided  to stop filtering…
Ivonne Delaflor Earning The RightIvonne Delaflor 2019

Earning The Right To Serve

When you earn a degree When you get the next belt on martial…

Change The Narrative

“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are…
Ivonne Delaflor on happinessIvonne Delaflor 2019

The Happiest I Have Ever Been

"The immortality of the soul lies in its dissolution, so that…

You Don’t Belong to The World

Beloved  You don’t belong to the world, a world…
Ivonne Delaflor on The Importance of EnvironmentIvonne Delaflor 2019

The Importance of Environment

Beloved friend: Make sure your environment is beautified…
Ivonne Delaflor 2019


“The Universe is seen, it can be learned about, it can be experienced and enjoyed. But God is unseen. He has to be inferred through His handiwork” Rig Veda I love the vedas...

Meditate with Unobstructed Discipline & Concentration

Did you know that when we pray, affirm and meditate with unobstructed discipline and concentration, we bring harmony between the Sympathetic Nervous System, which has its center in the Solar Plexus, and which is the organ of the sub-conscious mind, and the Cerebro-spinal System, the organ of the conscious mind where we receive