Morning Revelations After Meditation

Beliefs that appear to obstruct one (self) on the spiritual path (life in its fullness), bear within themselves seeds of possible future “suffering.” 

Yet, the kindness of God manifests as a constant in creation beyond duality…

For what can be the nature of God but constant flow and benevolence itself?

When we transcend the mind, meditate, bring higher understanding to “IT ALL”, and to the “”ALL inside an “IT”, we are then able to see that the heartaches and the anguish over the effects of the temporal “obstructions” we imagined/imagine existed/exist in our lives, were/are the beginning of an awakening to Consciousness, the promise of eternal life.

We immediately, through the flow of awakening, begin to experience how the unreal leads to the real, and once the real is touched by the invisible and invincible forces within us, then we begin to let go EFFORTLESSLY, of the desire to grasp, control, or invest in the vested identity of accumulating “temporality” as an “old self”..

And as we drop the desire of being a “that” or a “this”, the world of fragmentation ceases to exist when the “I AM” rises from within.

The deeper our practices and diligent our disciplines become, the more the I AM will focus on God as the experience itself of wholeness of its own creation.

The more we dwell upon God’s realization, the less we will be defining God as an experience of fear, evil , and self-proclaimed weakness in need for external salvation.

When we realize that 
we have placed God inside a coffin of borrowed beliefs, that is the moment when the kingdom of heaven descends in our uttermost being, 

And in the moment that we realize that God is the beloved breathing and giving eternal life from the formless to our form, we surrender our vested identities and attachments into the realm of PREMA, infinite and undying love, and we encounter MOKSHA, ultimate liberation, as we are willing to let go of what we thought we knew.

I love and honor it all as us all

Thank you,

Ivonne Delaflor

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Ivonne Delaflor
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