182 – Zen with Meido Moore

“Zen is to transcend life and death (all dualism), to truly realize that the entire universe is the “True Human Body” through the discipline of “body-mind in oneness.”…Zen without the accompanying physical experience is nothing but empty discussion.”

― Meido Moore

This week, our whole team is honored to receive as our Guest, Meido Moore Roshi.

Meido Moore was a disciple of the lay Zen master Tenzan Toyoda Rokoji, enduring rigorous training in Zen and traditional martial arts. He also trained under Dogen Hosokawa Roshi and So’zan Miller Roshi, all in the lineage of the famous Omori Sogen Roshi. Meido is the author of “The Rinzai Zen Way: A Guide to Practice” and “Hidden Zen: Practices for Sudden Awakening and Embodied Realization.”

He serves as the abbot of Korinji, a monastery near Madison, Wisconsin, and is a guiding teacher of the international Rinzai Zen Community, leading retreats worldwide.


In this episode, Meido Moore answers direct questions from Zen beginners and those unfamiliar with Zen yet drawn to its guidance and teachings addressing the topics of:

  1. How Rinzai Zen emphasizes compassion in its teachings.
  2. Rinzai Zen’s approach to diversity in its practice and teachings.
  3. The differences between monastic and lay practice in Rinzai Zen.
  4. Rinzai Zen’s view of the journey of a spiritual practitioner.
  5. The tendencies for judgment and ways for practitioners to navigate and overcome such judgments.
  6. The role of self-awareness.
  7. Inclusivity regardless of background or beliefs.
  8. Two functional practices within Rinzai Zen that any new practitioner can do right now.
  9. The overarching goal of Rinzai Zen and its contribution to the well-being of both individuals and society.
  10. The importance of the Master-Disciple relationship and much more.

If you were ever curious about ZEN, or ready to embark on a journey of exploration and practice for you, then this episode is a good introduction for you.

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