183 – A Journey of Healing and Transformation with Kathia Molina

Would you like to know what a spiritual transformation can do for you?
This week, we have as our guest Mother, Author, Entrepreneur, Energy Healer, and multidimensional creator, Kathia Molina.
Kathia Molina studied Spiritual Psychology at USM in Los Angeles. She initiated her energy work studies with Pi Villaraza of Innerdance IDES school, continuing with Ivan Rohe at the Mind Masters School. As a soul writer and truth seeker, she walks the path of healing and constant transformation. Her journey includes self-discovery, exploration, and assisting others through Energy Activation sessions and light language.
In this Episode, Kathia and Ivonne discuss the following topics:
  1. Spiritual Psychology’s Approach to Healing and Transformation.
  2. The Eternal Question: Finding Yourself, Passion, and Joy in Life—Who Am I?
  3. Living a Wholehearted Life, Even in Spite of Grief.
  4. The Role of Trust and Surrender for the Health of the Nervous System.
  5. Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul.
  6. Finding the Real Master and the Role of Silence as a Multidimensional Being.
  7. The Intersection of Psychology, Spirituality, and Energy Work.
  8. Advice for Starting a Journey of Healing and Transformation, and much more.


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