118 – The Path of the Mystic with Sandra S. Nikolic

Born in Serbia, Sandra S Nikolic encountered convection with the divine at a very early age.

Instead of a religious path, she chose to walk her life through the path of the mystic.

Sandra is a leadership mentor with a Ph.D. in motivation and burnout.

The main topics of her leadership work with entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches, and mentors are mastery, grace, and sovereignty.

She has been on the path of spiritual, somatic, and quantum energetics work since 2011.

She is the author of “Quantum Subconscious reframe method” and “Tantrica masculine & feminine teachings for personal and professional mastery”.


In this episode, we speak about 

  • Quarreling and arguing with God 
  • Conversations with God during times of war
  • Mystical experiences as answers from God 
  • Burnout, psychological immunity
  • The universe, frequency, connection with neurons and so much more!

Sandra is a Proud mom, divine mother devotee, wife, avid prayer practitioner, poet, and intuitive painter in her words: “I am not a business mentor, I am a legacy doula”.

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