098 – Interview with Cory Katuna

“I meditated recently on joy. I went as far as I could—amping up the joy and the bliss more and more. After a while, I laughed and teared up and shook my head at the pervasive love and perfection of everything. It was almost painfully beautiful. But I kept going: Is it possible to experience even more joy than this? Have I reached 100% of my capacity for bliss?” ~C.K.

Today, we have the privilege to share with you a beautiful flow-versation that I had with a committed spiritual citizen of our humanity, a civilization upgrader, a powerful lady and soul whose focus on self-realization is as relentless as her beauty within and without: Cory Katuna.

Cory Katuna is cracking the code of what it means to live a “deathbed life.” This means radical honesty, hard conversations, sacrificing what looks good for what’s true, and getting out of the stands and into the arena.

She is an iPEC-trained professional coach, leader of workshops like Breakthrough Bootcamp, and most importantly, a teammate.

Cory has worked alongside Bentinho Massaro & team since 2015, hosting retreats, coaching participants, creative directing, recording Mirror Talks episodes, managing online programs like No Limits Society, and everything else in between.

What she loves about this work is not just challenging people to trade in their unfulfilling lifestyles and mindsets for a life lived in devotion to generosity and self-knowledge—it’s the teamwork, unification, and ongoing refinement that happens behind the scenes.

Cory and I spoke about joy, faith, meditation, self-realization, and the deep simplicity of being…

You can learn more about Cory by following her on Instagram at @corykatuna and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kittykatuna

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