104 – Being Shanti Series: To Truly Care Part 2

We’re so excited to have Shanti back with us to continue the conversations about care, boundaries, and the very needed topic of MATURITY.

This is one of the episodes of the SHANTI series.

Where Shanti answers questions from the audience and shares from her expertise, personal work done and LIVED EXPERIENCES answers that can help anyone in the path of being a good human, understand human behavior, patterns, and thus reality.

You can’t miss this episode filled with truth, care, and rawnesty to its finest.

“I care deeply about the maturing of humanity and a world that works for everyone. I am committed to teaching people the right relationship with themselves, others, and the planet. To be responders to the exact times we live in is deeply needed and I am here to see that we do.”
– Shanti Zimmerman


To learn more about Shanti, visit her social media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/builtinpeace/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shanti.zimmermannBeingShanti
Webpage: https://www.being-shanti.com/about

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