143 – Investing in People; the Highest ROI with Joe Ingram

“Sales is only a numbers game until you become EDUCATED” – Joe Ingram

Joe is a Husband first, a Father second, Speaker, Author, a “BDC Genius”, Sales Genius, and E-Sports Ambassador!

Joe Ingram is the creator of the “Genius Training System.”, and has created the “Clubhouse Journal” and many other books that have been wildly successful on Amazon. 

He is also a best-selling author and an industry leader in both the automotive and software industries.  He is known for helping clients increase both sales and profitability in all departments within the dealership walls. Joe has personally managed several single rooftop dealerships with over 1,000 units sold per month. He also trains many of the number-one dealerships in the united states and overseas.

 With the average franchise dealership in the united states selling less than 100 units per month, Joe has consistently 10x’d the average. Joe is known for two things, always improving the dealerships’ results in both fixed and variable operations, and he and his team deliver the training and instruction utilizing humor. 


Joe has had many great working relationships with the best trainers, Grant Cardone, Anthony Camacho, Ed Mylett, and more. With extensive knowledge in human psychology, buying triggers, and e-commerce conversions, he can transform your results within months, not years. 

In this Podcast Joe and I talk about the:

  • The “HOLLY” Moment that changed his life 
  • Feeling the feelings
  • A journey through the FOSTER CHILD world
  • Brutal Slaps from Reality
    How do you impact 7 Billion People?   
  • The importance of Education, Customer Care & Sales   
  • The Power of taking ONE STEP FORWARD 

Joe has a passion for converting virtual prospects into sold units. His training incorporates varied communication styles, assumed rapport strategies, and real-world terminology to get more opportunities into the showroom for delivery. Understanding that customer satisfaction is a critical factor in retaining the customer you worked so hard to sell.

Joe is a Southern California native and currently resides in Orange County with his bride of 20 years (who runs the number 1 Jeep dealership in California). He and his trainers provide their clients with exceptional results all over the united states, both in-person and virtually.

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