156 – Make art. Grow Sh**. Be Happy. with Jamie Scheppers

Jamie Scheppers was born in Jefferson City, MO, and now makes her home in Columbia, MO. She brings with her all of the experiences she gathered attending college just north of Chicago at Northwestern University, traveling around the world during graduate school, and the early years of her magazine editing career spent in the Cleveland suburbs and in NYC, where she graduated culinary school in hopes of making a career in the food writing world.
Since moving back to Missouri, she was the project manager in the now defunct Web Communications Department at the University of Missouri, and, most recently, the VP of Administration at her family’s beer wholesalership, N.H. Scheppers Distributing Company.
Jamie is now fully self-employed, working to grow her fledgling jewelry and art business. Her art is inspired by simple doodles and crafts she did as a child, her travels to faraway lands, and the colors in nature. She’s particularly drawn to the way light reflects and refracts to create colors in the sky, whether rainbows, sunrises, or sunsets. She is fueled by the joy and peace she feels when creating.
As an encaustic and media abstract artist, Jamie is largely self-taught thanks to the wealth of knowledge available online. Still, she has cobbled together training here and there in the form of short workshops and classes. She first learned encaustic painting in 2016 from Elise Rugalo during a one-day workshop hosted by Orr Street Studios in Columbia, MO, and more recently she’s dipped her toes into the world of metalsmithing. She is a member of the Columbia Art League and The Best of Missouri Hands – Missouri Artisan Association.

In this podcast, we talked about the challenges of religion, the weight that loyalty has regarding making decisions in life, changing careers, trusting the call of your soul, and doing what you truly want to do.
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