185 – Remote Viewing & The One with Gerald O’Donnell

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about remote viewing while simultaneously exploring the concept and reality of ‘the One,’ this is the podcast for you.
Welcome to this week’s episode of the Spirituality Now podcast! I’m thrilled to have with us a dear friend, Mr. Gerald O’Donnell.
Gerald is the founder of The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing [ARVARI], a world-renowned Remote Viewer, and a certified Hypnotherapist.
Having worked with a Western intelligence agency, Gerald brings a wealth of experience in mind-consciousness research and remote viewing and influencing.
Since 1997, Gerald has dedicated himself to guiding his students in harnessing their creative energy to manifest their innermost desires. His healing meditations have aided countless seekers on their transformative journey toward Oneness.

In this podcast, Gerald and I talk about:
  1. The insights remote viewing offers about the probable futures amidst current global challenges.
  2. Exploring potential outcomes for conflicts like Gaza, Israel, and Palestine through remote viewing.
  3. Perceiving the collective psyche of humanity and its impact on mental health.
  4. Drawing wisdom from historical events to navigate present challenges.
  5. Finding sources of resilience and hope in times of uncertainty.
  6. Cultivating love on personal and collective levels to influence humanity’s trajectory.
  7. ⁠Examples where remote viewing has led to positive outcomes.
  8. Empowering individuals to create change amidst feelings of overwhelm.
  9. The role of spiritual principles in guiding humanity towards a harmonious future.
  10. Fostering understanding, compassion, and cooperation through remote viewing, psychiatry, and spiritual teachings.
  11. ⁠Sharing messages directly from “the One” and how individuals can connect with it in their spiritual journey.
And so much more!
Watch episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/eYPqo8EwjpE
To learn more about Gerald, visit his social media and web page:
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