163 – Day Zero with Jeff Nemeth

“You will succeed because you won’t quit. It is impossible to lose when you won’t give up. This is how I know you’re going to win”

Our guest today, Jeff Nemeth, sees the world in a different way than the masses. He started actively ignoring the corporate news over a decade ago, has never binged a show, and believes much more in the power of Main Street rather than Wall Street. He believes that the mainstream is a bad place to be or think, conventional wisdom is overrated and tradition is simply peer pressure from dead people.

He is a passionate advocate for small businesses and entrepreneurs and regularly loses followers and friends for his opinions. He was one of the first full-time personal trainers in the Detroit area in the early 2000s and spent the better parts of the next two decades as an owner and operator of gyms, studios, and personal training businesses.

He carries a strong belief in himself and in the potential of others, along with the regular acknowledgment of his own failures and the inevitable humanity of himself and others. His outlook has been strongly influenced by a wide variety of sources from the Toltecs to the Stoics to Alder to Camus to Bukowski. He strives to hold strong opinions loosely and constantly challenges the way he orientates and observes the world.

Jeff believes in the power of the written and spoken word, original ideas, and the strength of social media and technology to create connections with like-minded people all over the world. He has coached and consulted with people on several continents and is known to turn on his camera and shoot a “one take” live video describing a lesson he’s learned or an experience he wants to share.

In this podcast Jeff & Ivonne talk about:
  • Failure is a way to inform your life.
  • The Power of life lessons.
  • Helping others avoid the mistakes one has made.
  • Why every day is DAY ZERO.
  • Elevating Consciousness.
And, so much more.Jeff is a strong believer in mediation, cold therapy, breath work, float tanks, and a number of other means of achieving altered states of consciousness as a means of self-elevation.

He lives in Detroit, Michigan, has 3 children, and has a very respectable collection of baseball caps. He has a wide variety of interests from fitness to golf to cooking to craft beers and spirits to reading. He will occasionally write about himself in the third person, tongue firmly planted in cheek and a smile on his face.

Jeff is available for private and group fitness and men’s coaching, as well as limited business and marketing consulting. So if you want to get in touch with him, we recommend you visit his social media:

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