131 – Breakup, Fight Club and an Open Heart with Jan-Willem van der Heiden

“If you spend your life mourning what you lost, you may never be free to enjoy the things you have and will gain.”

– Jan-Willem van Der Heiden

For this week’s episode I got to enter in flow and conversation with:
Jan-Willem van Der Heiden.

Jan is currently living in Bali after getting stuck there during the pandemic.
Seeing the situation as an opportunity he dove deep into working on his own limiting beliefs, shadows and vices, and support others through the same.

Jan uses all the tools he has learned in combination with years of martial arts to guide people into finding their own power. The power to fulfill their deepest desires.

Jan is thee Creator of the “Breakup to Breakthrough” Program and is committed to help people find their self-worth after a painful breakup so that you can build an exciting new life.


If you want to learn more about Jan, we invite you to visit his webpage and social media:

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