Change The Narrative

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”

As life unfolds, as the lotus would, unobstructed by what once were the expectations of a restless mind

“I” finds no need to force, what effortlessly comes with ease to one who truly loves to serve and serves through love

In the school of life, “I” has learned many things, yet is through the unlearning that the “I” has joined the “am” as “all that is”

Joys and sorrows, as ebb and flow, come and go…
Impermanence is welcome here,
yet it is LOVE, which injects with permanence the whole of an experience called different names;

I believe it’s called ETERNITY by the poets,
I believe it’s called IMMORTALITY by the Rishis,
I believe it’s called DEATH by the forgetful ones,
And BLISS by those who have found themselves while lost in love

Whatever the experience of THIS VERY MOMENT is called,
I AM so grateful that the beloved, he/she who breathes in us all “diversity” as oneness, in its infinite intelligence and plan, has a unique mystery for us to resolve, and a superb myth for us to unfold.

I only wish that the bags each of us carry, if any, through the learning adventures and collections of experiences, is emptied consistently through allowing and letting go…in order to travel LIGHT wherever we are called to go…

I feel such a deep shift happening now in the collective soul, and our self regulation abilities to navigate the realms of consciousness in this life…I can breathe it, touch it, see it… .

I know who my allies are, where my love is, what my heart beats for, whom I come here to serve, what I came here to do

I know my dharma behind the limited “I”

And today I wish for you,
Deeper mastery, revelation, liberation, and deeper dives into the infinite love for, of, as, THE DIVINE

May you start your week outside the concept of time, outside of the comfort zone, flowing with ease, eagerness to serve and work, through the rivers of the miraculous Now

Drop the stories

Change the narrative

One ocean

One life


Deep love,
Ivonne ????❤️????

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Ivonne Delaflor
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