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139 – Alpha Coach with Ketan Mavinkurve

“Everything we want seems unachievable until we begin to believe in it. A wild animal raised in captivity will at first not be entirely at ease when released into the wild – but it will get there soon enough! A goldfish raised in a glass bowl, only knows this world, and will be scared if […]

138 – The Gift of the Missing Experience with Ivonne Delaflor

EPISODIO BILINGÜE ( Inglés y Español)⁣. ⁣=======⁣ ⁣In this new episode, Ivonne Delaflor walks us through some of her recent Heroic journey experiences. These experiences can serve anyone to experience more profound levels of awareness, illumination, and self-mastery. ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣She openly shares with us deep topics about:⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Transforming the illusion of apparent heartbreak […]

137 – The Responsibility of Being Gods

This week I had the privilege to interview one of the most influential and preeminent neuroscientists in the United States. Marcelo Geffen Marcelo shared with us mind-blowing education on topics like: The importance of curiosity and humility for increased flexibility and neuro-plasticity Knowing the unknown The awareness of being aware The Mystics Brain Awakening to […]

136 – Are You Ok? with ZofiaRennea Morales

This week I had the privilege to have as a guest a truly awakened soul, and teacher of “THE KNOWING” ZofiaRennea Morales Zofia is an Award winning global strategist and former biophysicist, who had it all a hi-powered career, loving husband, gorgeous properties, adventure, good friends, you name it. She was living the dream until […]

135 – The Gift Of Loss with John Grillo

John Grillo is the President of JG Vault Coaching, a coaching firm dedicated to helping mid-life men overcome their limiting beliefs regarding, their fitness, finances, and futures. John believes his best days are ahead of him and instills that belief in his clients. His tagline of Mind, Money, Muscles reflects that belief. John is a […]

134 – Connected Intuiton with Krishna Avalon

Would you like to be More Connected to the Intuitive You? Have you been feeling uninspired by your life? Have you been feeling Disconnected from yourself? If so, take a deep breath: you’ve come to the proper podcast episode with Krishna Avalon. Krishna is a licensed acupuncturist, certified holistic health coach, psych-k facilitator, pranayama breathwork […]

133 – Intuitive Channel with Stephanie Banks

“If you can find what breaks your heart, and use that to serve that area in your life, you will be providing the healing needed that your soul and many other souls want to experience“ -Stephanie Banks Since she was a child she was always connected to nature, spirits, mother earth and animals. Having had […]

130 – What if Transformations Were Instant? with Joshua Bloom

“What if Transformations were instant?! What’s Possible Then?!.” ~Joshua Bloom I had the honor to interview, in a free-flow way, and experience the wisdom of Internationally Acclaimed Trusted Authority on Quantum Transformation, #1 Best Selling Author of “The Ultimate Answer …Is Inside™️” with forward written by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., and the Executive Producer of the […]

129 – Isabella Castaspella

“Your story is as powerful as your antagonist” Today and in preparation for Halloween, The Mexican Celebration of “The Day of the Dead”, and the Celtic New Year of Samhain. we have a UNIQUE podcast episode, as we have Shiva Baum & Radha Baum, a mother and son talking about: The Presence of the Muse […]