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108 – An Uncompromised Life with Colleen Gallagher

As a guest this week we have a true evolutionary soul. Whom at a young age is defying the odds and is building multiple successful businesses while staying true to her spiritual path. Colleen Gallagher is an intuitive business and personal development consultant. She has survived childhood cancer, is a global citizen, an advocate for […]

107 – Being Shanti Series: Part 3

“You know if I had to choose between a not great democracy or all-out authoritarian dictatorship. A not great democracy is it. I am perplexed that people are even considering the alternative as something even remotely good or something worthy of defending.” – Shanti Zimmerman We’re so excited to have Shanti back for PART 3 […]

106 – Train of Transformation

Our guest today is a truly extraordinary spirit and mindfulness expert: Dr. David Scheiner. Originally from New York, David is a Spiritual Guide, Meditation Teacher, Author, Doctor, Transformational Coach, and Speaker, sharing tried and truly ancient, heart-based methods to enlighten the world. David listens very closely to you. Through a combination of spiritual intuitiveness and […]

105 – Limitless Confidence

“There are no limits, only the ones we create. Everything you need is within YOU.” Are you a high-achieving woman looking to be more productive vs. seeking perfection? Do you often feel overwhelmed and distracted, struggling to focus on what needs to get done? Are you looking for ways to conquer the fear of failure, […]

104 – Being Shanti Series: To Truly Care Part 2

We’re so excited to have Shanti back with us to continue the conversations about care, boundaries, and the very needed topic of MATURITY. This is one of the episodes of the SHANTI series. Where Shanti answers questions from the audience and shares from her expertise, personal work done and LIVED EXPERIENCES answers that can help […]

103 – “You Are Not Your Disability” with Emily Rivera

“Limitations are not your name. You are not meant to be defeated” Emily Rivera Our guest this week is a truly extraordinary woman, channel of light, entrepreneur and human. Emily Rivera, The Angel Coach, is an international leading expert in intuition, business growth and impact, manifesting, higher consciousness, and helping adults and children with heightened […]

102 – Fierce Grace

“No, they’re not ready for the full you-move anyways. By the time they’re ready, you will be left in the dust if you wait” -Shelly Ann Szigli. My guest today is the embodiment of fierce grace… Born in High River, Alberta to a hardworking family. Shelly Ann Szigli always knew that she was connected to […]

101 – To truly care…

This episode is from a series of episodes recorded with Shanti Zimmerman, a true expert in HUMAN MATURITY, healthy boundaries, and genuine CARE. The topics we speak about in these episodes are as real as they can get. We speak of topics of abuse, personal responsibility, being and living at the choice and so much […]

100 – Five Powerful Teachings I’ve learned from Tim Grover

“In order to go to your next levels, you must be grateful for the support you have received before ‘any level’ was even possible” –Ivonne Delaflor.⁣⁣ ⁣To celebrate the 100th episode of the SPIRITUALITY NOW PODCAST, Ivonne Delaflor shared with us some highlights of having created the podcast, its evolution, the people that believed in […]