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174 – The Willingness Not to Quit with Claudia Trojan

“I can see things as a problem or I can embrace them as an opportunity” CT. Claudia Trojan, Mother of two children and a child born with a neurological disorder is a teacher, Nei Gong & Tai Chi Instructor, Mental Coach, and expert in Mobility. Claudia studied graphic design, marketing, art, communication design, and psychology in […]

173 – The Three Treasures with Lohan Warrior Priest, Sifu JC Cox

Our guest today, Sifu James “JC” Cox MQM, is a   Lohan Warrior Priest Fa Shu Shakya, Founder of Golden Dragon Arts, & Founder of Naturally Organic Center Sifu JC (MMQ) has been passionately studying Wellness, Qigong, and Tai Chi Chuan for over 30 years. JC studied under Grand Master Dashi Steven Baugh from the […]

172 – The Power to Overcome with Jeff Vulpis

“JESUS CHRIST SAVED MY SOUL; TG SAVED MY LIFE” Jeff Vulpis is a Mindset Coach and Life Changing Speaker dedicated to transforming lives and helping individuals reach new heights of success. With his unwavering passion and expertise, He empowers people to overcome their limiting beliefs, unlock their true potential, and dominate every aspect of their […]

171 – Heart, Mind, Alchemy, with Holly Copeland

“Heart Mind Alchemy”, uniting Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science. “I was determined to never let myself become so unhappy again and inspired to change a WHOLE lot more.” Our guest today, Holly Copeland, has a genuine passion for helping people discover what it means to step into the flow of life and live in unshakeable […]

170 – A Touchdown of Wealth with Paul Ellis

Invest in What You Love. “Nourish yourself into Wealth” Paul Bertrand Ellis is an accomplished 25-year financial industry veteran. In addition to various investment and insurance licenses, he holds certification as a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®️) through the Investments & Wealth Institute and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Founder of Ellis […]

169 – Interview with Jeff Krug

Jeff Krug, founder of J.L. Krug & Associates, Inc., is a business coach utilizing a style of coaching that involves the collaboration of both client and coach. This method of coaching helps clients achieve results in both their professional and personal lives. His areas of expertise include small business coaching, executive coaching, corporate team development […]

168 – Believe That You Deserve with Lisa Tahir

“We wrote our own birth chart. We are the hands of the universe” Lisa, author of the book: “The Chiron Effect- Healing Our Core Wounds through Astrology, Empathy, and Self-Forgiveness.” And host of the podcast: All Things Therapy Podcast She is a licensed therapist utilizing psychology, spirituality, and taking personal responsibility for one’s healing, as […]

167 – Walking the Uncharted Path of Faith with Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose, our guest today, is a  mentor, teacher, writer, and human being committed to doing his part to create a world where we all thrive as our true selves. His work blends transformational coaching, subconscious reprogramming, meditation, and prayer to support others in following their own inner authority and co-creating their dreams with God. […]

165 – Envision, Heal, Unify with Brooke Underwood

“Your Dharmic path is the most incredible dimension of the soul to tap into.” Brooke Underwood Nearly 15 years ago Brooke Underwood started University in middle-America but had a spiritual awakening experience before her first semester that changed the trajectory of her life. A true advisor for Visionary Entrepreneurs, Yogini Oracle, Subconscious Mentor & Vedic […]