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151 – Always Choose Love with Shadin El-Kasheef

Our guest today, Shadin El-Kasheef, is a former emergency department nurse since 2009. Shadin understands the complexity of health & the gaps that exist in the current healthcare system. He also understands that access to timely and effective care is a major challenge that many faces, especially the disenfranchised and vulnerable populations in today’s society. […]

150 – Hope Givers with Jodi O’Donnell

“Helping is healing” ~Jodi O’Donnell This is a true hope-giving episode with a true professional HOPE GIVER Jodi O’Donnell. In this episode, Jodi & I speak about: Appreciating Simplicity “Too much” overload The Phone Book Soul connections -Leading with Servitude The gift of being an observer -Initiation into consciousness through lightning and tragedy? The Mystery […]

149 – From Broken to Powerful with Susan Burrell

“I have learned how to be with my dark side and to weed out the junk (thoughts & beliefs) that harms or no longer serves me.  I have lived it.  I have rediscovered myself after feeling that my heart and my life were shattered beyond repair, only to realize my true self – the one […]

148 – Xicome The Call of Quetzalcoatl with Grace Terry

Our guest today has more than 30 years on the spiritual path. She is a soul singer, songwriter, and producer of music of consciousness and mantras. Grace is the art and musical director of the Network for Human Empowerment. She is also a healer, meditator, Reiki Master, and the founder of the Infinite Voice Academy, […]

147 – The Payoff Of Success with Cory Budovitch

Our guest today, a dear ally and friend, Cory Budovitch is the founder and President of Budovitch Legacy Planning. BLP is a niche financial advisory that focuses on removing the key erosion factors of wealth. Since the year 2000 Cory has built a rock foundation for success in the lives of his Extreme High Net […]

145 – Service to Man is Service to God with Vineet P. Shah

“All, like all rivers lead to one ocean, all religions lead to ONE GOD. It’s about being a good person. God resides in one’s heart and any place you close your eyes and think of God – GOD is omnipresent.” – Vineet Our guest today, one of the best orthopedic surgeons of the U.S, Vineet […]

144 – Lead, Listen, Love with Anne Laguzza

CEO, Speaker,  Leadership Performance Coach, HR Expert, and Rode her bicycle from San Francisco to LA, Anne Laguzza; is the CEO of The Works Consulting. As a seasoned business executive with human resources management, leadership development, and performance coaching experience, Anne works with clients from a variety of industries to develop better systems, maximize employee […]

143 – Investing in People; the Highest ROI with Joe Ingram

“Sales is only a numbers game until you become EDUCATED” – Joe Ingram Joe is a Husband first, a Father second, Speaker, Author, a “BDC Genius”, Sales Genius, and E-Sports Ambassador! Joe Ingram is the creator of the “Genius Training System.”, and has created the “Clubhouse Journal” and many other books that have been wildly […]