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“A spirit of Unity emerges out of the chaos of truth and that actuality now drives growth rather than the staleness and shallowness of more of the same performance hyperbole” – Satyen Raja Ladies and gentlemen, you will not want to miss this transmission of truth, power, and love that our guest this week delivered […]

083 – Money & Faith

“I understand that not all will agree nor like what I have to offer. And those aren’t my people. Those aren’t the people ready to break the lack mindset barrier. When they are ready, I will be here” – Stephanie Synclair. Our guest today, is an Entrepreneur, Metaphysicist, Spiritual Teacher, amazing mother, business owner extraordinaire, […]

082 – The Holly Trinity of SCIENCE-SPIRIT-WISDOM

“There was this voice in my head. Something telling me that I was going to die.” – Cherie Aimée In this episode, I’m honored to have as a guest a Creative Visionary, Storyteller & Entrepreneur: Cherie Aimée. “Exploring Hyperdimensional Intelligence,” is the embodied living work of Cherie Aimee. Years of research examining the intersection of […]

081- Earth Magic

“Waking up from the cultural trance may require you to challenge your most fundamental beliefs and step outside of societal norms. When this happens, you discover new insights about yourself and typically go through a revision of who you are and what your relationship with the Earth is.” Steven D. Farmer In this episode, I’m […]

080 – Interview with Karolina Tomaszewska

Karolina Tomaszewska, artist and pianist extraordinaire, among many things, is our wonderful guest this week. She comes in an elegant manner to share with us, how discipline and passion can lead you into achieving great success these times. She was born in Poland and began playing piano at the age of seven. Then, studied at […]

078 – SpiritualiTEA & the Wisdom of the Mountains

“Connectedness has built cultures, linked time, and continues to bind us to one another. It is in the telling of stories and the listening, that all stays relevant”. -Jeff Fuchs For two decades, Fuchs’ life, photos, and stories have focused upon the Himalayan trade routes and the last generation of those who participated in the […]

077 – ASK, SEEK, KNOCK – The Final Episode

In this, our last episode of the SOVEREIGN FUTURES PODCAST, Ivonne Delaflor shares with us why she decided to re-brand and re-name the podcast to SPIRITUALITY NOW. She also shares with us a blessing and invites the audience to contemplate and apply in their life the power of: – ASKING – SEEKING – KNOCKING To […]

076 – Mindset is a process

In this new episode, we had the privilege to have a conversation with a man who is a living example; he teaches us how we can really achieve and become anything we want in life. Brayan Garcia, business mentor, coach, business owner, speaker, and entrepreneur extraordinaire, shares with us his unique MINDSET PROCESS that can […]

075 – Let go and let God

We are so excited for this NEW EPISODE of the SOVEREIGN FUTURES PODCAST, soon to be renamed and rebranded as “THE SPIRITUALITY NOW PODCAST.” And we are excited as we had the opportunity to meet and interview a true FORCE FOR GOOD of God, Meditation teacher, Nutrition expert, Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mother, and wonderful woman, […]

074-Wreckage to Triumph

In this NEW episode, we have as a guest ⁣an extraordinary soul, a man that truly knows the meaning of going from wreckage to triumph⁣. ⁣⁣Entrepreneur, multiple business owner, author, father, grandfather, husband, ally and dear friend: Mr. Tab Pierce.⁣ ⁣⁣After years of fruitful business growth, Tab found that a few poor business decisions would […]