187 – Healing Mothers with Brandilyn Clay

“BIRTH: a psychedelic experience.” – Brandilyn Clay

Welcome to the Spirituality Now podcast! In this episode, we have Brandilyn Clay, birthpreneur, doula, mother, goddess, wife, woman, and soul.

Brandilyn Clay is a holistic psychology expert, and spiritual entrepreneur based in Austin, TX. 

A mother of three, she is the driving force behind her third business. With a Masters in Integral Psychology and over 10 years of experience, she seamlessly merges modern neuroscience with ancient wisdom in her holistic healing practice. Brandilyn Clay is also a pioneer of Sound Meditation, captivating audiences with crystal bowls, sacred songs, and harp rituals for over a decade, specializing in supporting mothers and couples through birth, postpartum, and business ventures. 

As the founder of Goddess Capes, a conscious clothing line that empowers indigenous Peruvian women, and Liquid Gold, a bone broth elixir brand.

Her commitment to conscious living and the longevity of women’s lives extends globally offering coaching programs, postpartum doula services, sound meditations, retreats, and more.

Her overarching mission: Heal Mothers, and in doing so, heal the Earth.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  1. Reclaiming your goddess power
  2. The power of reinventing yourself
  3. Holistic psychology and ancient wisdom applications for modern times
  4. Supporting mothers through birth and postpartum
  5. The healing power of sound medicine
  6. Hitting the reset button for our nervous system
  7. Tapping into subtle energies
  8. Leading a conscious business and helping Peruvian women in the process
  9. The importance of liquid golden bone broth for longevity and women’s lives
  10. The mission to heal mothers and its broader vision of healing the earth and much more.


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