139 – Alpha Coach with Ketan Mavinkurve

“Everything we want seems unachievable until we begin to believe in it.

A wild animal raised in captivity will at first not be entirely at ease when released into the wild – but it will get there soon enough!

A goldfish raised in a glass bowl, only knows this world, and will be scared if released into a pond.

It’s the same with humans…we get so accustomed to our lives, environment, and routines that we rarely see possibilities just past our noses.

At times, we all continue to squirm at the very possibility of a change, stick to our comfort zones, and don’t accept the reality and wonderful world of opportunities just outside, simply waiting to be discovered.

The limits exist, but only in our minds.”

Ketan Mavinkurve is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Coach.

He is a Chartered Accountant and has worked in prestigious firms such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and Ernst & Young.


His last stint was serving as Vice President at Berggruen Holdings in India, involved in private equity deals for over 15 years.

Prior to Alpha Coach, Ketan also co-founded AKRO Fitness, a boutique personal training studio in Mumbai, one of the most notable brands in personal training in the country.

He is a fitness enthusiast, and after struggling with his own fitness for over a decade due to a lack of knowledge and proper guidance, he has dedicated his time and efforts to creating businesses designed to positively impact people’s health and fitness, and help them create long-term sustainable lifestyle solutions.

He is always challenging the status quo, breaking barriers, and blasting through ceilings we set for personal growth, which is why at AKRO and now at Alpha Coach, he has created a platform to allow everyone to achieve their health goals.

He also walks the talk in terms of taking action and execution and takes his own fitness very seriously.

He truly believes that

“No matter how hard the struggle is – if one wants something desperately, they need to go out and get it!”

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