174 – The Willingness Not to Quit with Claudia Trojan

“I can see things as a problem or I can embrace them as an opportunity” CT.
Claudia Trojan, Mother of two children and a child born with a neurological disorder is a teacher, Nei Gong & Tai Chi Instructor, Mental Coach, and expert in Mobility.
Claudia studied graphic design, marketing, art, communication design, and psychology in marketing.
She was born in 1984 to parents who fled from Poland and whose parents died in war.
Her Martial arts fighting background includes:
  • Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Wing Tsun
  • Panantukan Boxing
  • Escrima
  • Knife fighting
  • Systema
  • Tai Chi, Nei Gong
  • Bagua 16 forms
Training seminars and courses
  • Anatomy of the Body
  • Physiotherapeutic and mobility training
  • Psychological branch of study
  • Neurology and fasciology
  • Vagus nerve and respiratory science
  • Energetic field outside our body
  • Magnetic field therapy
  • Buddhist teaching and seminar
  • Taoism in today’s time
Fascinated by Japanese and Chinese lifestyles. Claudia moved to a Shaolin temple at the age of 18 and studied martial arts there. In search of more peace and serenity, Claudia devoted herself in 2010 to martial arts and combat sports.

In 2016 she got to know QiGong & Tai Chi. And began training in the depths of Nei Gong and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine more closely, practicing self-defense, natural healing, and other various martial arts.
Claudia is devoted to showing as many people as possible a way of life with NeiGong & Tai Chi, to achieve more balanced support in case of illness and especially for health care.
In this episode, Ivonne & Claudia talk about:
  • Entering the martial arts world.
  • Changes one needs to make in life to live a life of chi.
  • The challenges a practitioner can expect in his journey.
  • The fallacy of “easy”.
  • Learning how to FIGHT.
  • The presence of Hardship in one’s life.
  • The DANGERS of losing your dream.
  • Everything starts from the ground
  • The Role  of obsession to achieve your dreams
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