Enjoy The Now

One of the spiritual ailments in humanity is not the greed for money but the greed to rush outcomes or “time”. 

You want to enter the realm of consistent abundance, the natural rhythm of creation and flow?

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Morning Revelations After Meditation

Beliefs that appear to obstruct one (self) on the spiritual path (life in its fullness), bear within themselves seeds of possible future “suffering.” 

Yet, the kindness of God manifests as a constant in creation beyond duality…

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The Importance of Environment

Beloved friend:

Make sure your environment is beautified by harmony, music, and flowers. 

Surrounding yourself By living light, uplifting loving people, and healthy reminders of your choices and priorities wherever you go and are.

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Meditate with Unobstructed Discipline & Concentration

Beloved Friend,

Did you know that when we pray, affirm and meditate with unobstructed discipline and concentration, we bring harmony between the Sympathetic Nervous System, which has its center in the Solar Plexus, and Read more