060 – Interview with Peter Vishaka Part 1

In the last ten years Peter, our guest this week, has been living In Bali, India, Southern Thailand, Australia, and Hawaii, teaching Yoga Philosophy, teaching and learning more Astrology and vedic sciences. He has taught classes in understanding Vedic time cycles of global consciousness (The Yugas), Classes on Mantra Yoga, and performing and leading vedic fire puja rituals (Agnihotra).

He has practiced Vedic sciences for over 25 years and has been a Vedic astrologer for over 16 years where he has given thousands of Vedic reading and Ayurvedic remedies.

He has also been a recording engineer for over 25 years and has recorded over 30 professional CDs and play classical instruments as the Sarode, Mohan Vina, and has played Flamenco Guitar professionally for over 20 years.

So if you want a Vedic astrology reading he offers powerful wisdom regarding your karmas at this time. He does a very unique form of astrocartography that can help you to find the power spots on the planet.


You can find Peter on Facebook at Peter Vishaka: https://www.facebook.com/peter.vishaka

Or contact him through his website www.astro-vedic.com

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