177 – Channeling Light, Recovering Your True Self with Andrea Tellechea

“Spirituality is the connection with your Soul”

Andrea is a channel, medium, and spiritual coach. She was born with this amazing gift.

Since she was a little girl, Andrea could see angels, archangels, and ascended masters like the Virgin Mary and Jesus.
As she grew older she disconnected herself from these light beings and lived her life trying to reach society’s expectations. But during her pregnancy– high risk– the Virgin Mary appeared to her once more and told her she and her baby were going to be okay.
After this experience, Andrea began reconnecting with her spirituality. Little by little she began to listen to herself, trust her intuition, and ignore society’s expectations. Through different mentorships, coaching, and certifications she has become her true self.
No longer afraid of what others might think, she currently channels Archangels and Ascended Masters to help others recover their inner peace. She guides people through Tarot Readings, Codes of AH, and meditations.
No matter what tool she uses, she is always channeling Light Beings.
Currently, she lives in Mexico City with her daughter.
In this episode, Ivonne & Andrea speak about:
  • Trying to live based on society’s expectations.
  • Losing connection with your true self
  • Wanting to Belong.
  • Forgetting to Remember.
  • Are you Stuck in the loop of expectations?
  • When nothing is “good enough”.
  • Death Wishes.
  • Numbing the divine.
  • Divine Support.
  • Destroying Inner Demons with your inner light.
  • The Virgin Mary Presence.
  • Channeling light.
  • Recovering your true self
And so much more
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