178 – Fit to Lead; Through Wisdom, Strength & Joy with Katerina Satori

“I find joy in assisting people in transforming their wisdom into wealth, providing them with the resources needed to fulfill their soul’s mission and live their legacy now.” KS
Today on the show, I am honored to introduce a true evolutionary leader—Katerina Satori, Emissary of Strength, dear friend, and ally.
Katerina, CEO of KS International, host of the Wisdom Podcast, Seer, Mystic, and award-winning online entrepreneur, has been serving inspiration and value to a global community for over 8 years.
After arriving in the USA with just $3, Katerina has become a self-made entrepreneur offering 22 digital courses on business and mystical mastery.
Her rapid success, earning multiple high six figures through the Kajabi platform alone—all organically, without ads or funnels—led Katerina to speak at the Kajabi Impact Conference.
An Amazon Best-Selling Author, Katerina runs an internationally recognized educational company, serving as a sought-after mentor for thought leaders, 7 to 8-figure entrepreneurs, and CEOs.

In this podcast episode, Katerina and Ivonne delve into:
  • The beauty of transformation.
  • Spotting moments of destiny.
  • The importance of taking leaps of faith.
  • The cost of unconscious decisions.
  • Creating the life of your dreams.
  • The blessing of an idea taken to action.
  • Thriving through cultural clash.
  • The gifts of living and working in the United States of America.
  • Showing up in the little.
  • Embodied Mastery.
  • Prosperity; are you against or in favor?
  • Business as an extension of our Spiritual Path.
  • Three steps to turn wisdom into abundance.
  • A unique blessing for strength guided by Katerina herself.
  • And so much more…
To watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Z6t7DF9VmZo
If you want to learn more about Katerina visit her website and social media:
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