091 – Let The Vision Pull you In

Today, in this NEW & cosmic episode of our SPIRITUALITY NOW PODCAST, I had the privilege to enter in flowversation, with an incredible ally, mother, futurist, longevity entrepreneur, Space Consultant, Pioneer, Philanthropist, and beloved friend of mine:
Mrs. Hien Nguyen.

Hien, based in Germany, is an entrepreneur, futurist, and investor active in the fields of Space, Longevity, and Technology. She is the CEO and founder at Hi Performance Space, a leading performance facility focused on longevity, renowned for its functional medicine approach of nutritional, lifestyle, and training methods for peak performance.

She is a public speaker on Space and Longevity, including events organized in partnership with Deep Knowledge Group, a Venture Capital & Private Equity focused on the convergence of DeepTech, advanced frontier technologies, and technological megatrends. Her background in physiotherapy, functional medicine, personal training, naturopathy, and as an athlete (multiple marathons, half-marathons) and triathlete has led her into the field of space health tech.

She is actively involved in the field of space medicine for Space Tech Analytics, a strategic analytics agency focused on markets in the Space Exploration, Spaceflight, Space Medicine, and Satellite Tech industries. She is currently co-authoring a book on Health Innovation Design — Strategies and Development Concepts towards global Health Democratization and Entrepreneurship From Need Detection over Validation and Translation to Health Impact Generation.

She is a space consultant on topics of transformational change – from digital disruption to business remodeling to specific scenarios across public and private sectors. After pursuing a successful Space Studies Program in 2019 at the esteemed International Space University, Hien became a Linkedin Top influencer for space-tech-longevity topics.

She is the Founder and Director at SpaceConneX (SpcX) with a mission to connect, collaborate, and catalyze ideas, actions, people, and projects that lead to the opening of the space frontier. SpcX envision a future in which humanity has expanded into the solar system, contributing products and services that will foster a better life for all mankind.
Hien also serves as a board director on the Advisory Boards of Lifeboat Foundation on the Futurists, Space Settlement, and Sustainability Board, as well as on the Board of TRENDS Research & Advisory in the UAE. Hien has been selected as one of the first cohorts of the Space4Women Mentor Network, a United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) program that promotes gender equality and empowerment in the space sector. Role models within the Space4Women Mentor Network are space industry leaders and professionals with notable accomplishments.

She is also a philanthropist, and producer of the ‘Space Show’ whose mission is to facilitate access to the benefits of space exploration, science and technology, STEM education, and STEM careers for women and girls around the world.

To know more about Hien, follow her social media:
FaceBook ???? https://www.facebook.com/thihiennguyen369
Instagram ???? https://instagram.com/thi_hien_nguyen?utm_medium=copy_link
LinkedIn ???? https://www.linkedin.com/in/thihiennguyen/

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