166 – Lack of Resilience, a Current Spiritual Disease in our World with Stacey Copas

7 times world surfing champion Layne Beachley dubbed her the “Queen of Resilience.” David Goggins, arguably the world’s toughest man, calls her a “badass.”
Whatever you call her, Stacey Copas is resilient.
Left a quadriplegic and needing a wheelchair after a devastating accident when she was 12, she did not let this tragic accident slow her down. Instead, she used her life experience and personal philosophies to work with organizations that want their people to be more engaged, mentally resilient, and productive so that they can grow through uncertainty and change.
She is the author of “How to be Resilient” and has been featured by Financial Review, ABC radio, and The Australian, and hired by global organizations such as Viacom, GM Holden, and Flight Centre for her insights on resilience in the workplace.

In this episode, Ivonne & Stacy talked about:
  • Distractions detouring people from purpose
  • The increase in fear since Covid
  • The Younger generation unable to cope with mini disappointments
  • The constant need for praise
  • The Epidemic of depression and anxiety
  • The Real pandemic of mental issues
  • The Inability people are having for discomfort
  • Claiming the power of who you are, of your resilience
And so much more…
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