165 – Envision, Heal, Unify with Brooke Underwood

“Your Dharmic path is the most incredible dimension of the soul to tap into.”

Brooke Underwood

Nearly 15 years ago Brooke Underwood started University in middle-America but had a spiritual awakening experience before her first semester that changed the trajectory of her life.

A true advisor for Visionary Entrepreneurs, Yogini Oracle, Subconscious Mentor & Vedic Astrologer (for more than 8 years), Brooke dedicates her life to uncovering what it truly means to live a supernatural life in alignment with her Dharma (Purpose, Duty, Service), and offer the most effective remedies, healing techniques, and counseling to aid others in their liberation.
In this podcast, Ivonne & Brooke talked about:
  • The Mother Gift.
  • Dance as an expression of the Soul.
  • The Saraswati principle.
  • The Gift of expression.
  • The Sacrifice of the Mother Energy.
  • Venus the representing force of the Goddess.
  • Inana,  Demeter and Persephone.
  • The loss of a mind, the awakening of another mind.
  • Moving through Grief
  • God is a black woman…
  • Living a supernatural-protected life.
  • The Quintessential importance of initiation.


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