122 – Divine Intervention with Grace Terry & Sofía Montero

Sofia & Grace Terry share with us their increíble story on how they created the very popular podcast in Latin America called:


Today they share with us:

  • The synchronicities that serve as a sign to take action forward 
  • The power of immediate action 
  • Serving people with Joy 
  • And the incredible magic that has been created in a Podcast about the magic of life and the divine interventions that help us all feel alive.

Sofía Fernández Montero is the Co-Founder of Mawu Agency and a full-time Mystic, Sofía is known for helping people reach their highest spiritual potential and reflecting it in their media.

Sofía and her business partner founded MAWU Agency in 2020, as the purpose of her passion, which is to help others find the light they carry within. 


In addition to having a degree in Sociology from the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Sofía has studied everything related to magic, esoteric, and the spiritual world for 20 years.

In the last years, MAWU Agency has grown organically and reached people who seek consistency in their communication. 

As a conscious and spiritual person, Sofía considers it a great achievement to create an agency, hand in hand with people who have the same humanistic and social principles with which she lives.

Sofía’s favorite part of being a young and mystical businesswoman is the people, everything she can learn from them; and the exchange of ideas and thoughts that can be generated from building conscious communication. 

When Sofia is not working at MAWU Agency, you can find her laughing and enjoying herself with her dog Sol.


Grace Terry has more than 30 years on the spiritual path. She is a soul singer, songwriter, and music producer of consciousness and mantras. Healer, meditator, and Reiki Master. She is the founder of the Infinite Voice Academy and teaches, meditation classes and Voice workshops.

She is the art and musical director of Network for Human Empowerment and has twice a month a show called Elevate your Frequency, where she hosts and interviews people. 

She has produced 8 records with different musicians such as Pablo Arellano, Gustavo Jacob, Héctor Ruiz, and Angel Sananda.

Grace just finished the recording of the album Sacred Love with Pablo Arellano and she is doing concerts and workshops worldwide.

If you want to learn more about Grace and Sofía visit their social media or listen to their Podcast:

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