097 – Faith, Sales & The Consequences of our Choices

“Sometimes the more you study, the more you become aware of just how little you really know.”

Our guest this week is a man recognized as the premier sales mentor for big-ticket consultants and service professionals worldwide: Mr. Kevin Nations.

Kevin, a beloved mentor and dear friend of mine helps his clients to refine their offers, work smarter, and serve better in a way that if one does the work, one stays in its niche of expertise and follows the wise guidance that Kevin delivers as a mentor, it will help you set yourself up as the Elite Server Provider in your Industry as he helps you sell your services simply and profitably.

Kevin, known as “The ORIGINAL CHILLIONAIRE®️.” —Is a father, businessman, sales expert, and in my experience, a true man of FAITH.

Kevin has a unique ability to perceive what others don’t and he truly is a master of LISTENING.

During our unscripted conversation, we spoke about:

He also gave the listeners a blessing that you may not want to miss.

To learn more about Kevin you can:

Visit his website: KevinNations.com
Follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealkevinnations

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Ivonne Delaflor
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