172 – The Power to Overcome with Jeff Vulpis


Jeff Vulpis is a Mindset Coach and Life Changing Speaker dedicated to transforming lives and helping individuals reach new heights of success.

With his unwavering passion and expertise,

He empowers people to overcome their limiting beliefs, unlock their true potential,

and dominate every aspect of their lives.

Through his impact coaching videos and customized mindset coaching program,

He equips individuals with battle-tested systems designed to propel them to the summit of their personal mountains.

Drawing from his profound experiences, Jeff has crafted these remarkable Mindset Coaching systems, honed through countless battles and challenges he has faced and conquered.

His journey has been one of remarkable triumph. From enduring poverty and grappling with stuttering problems to overcoming homelessness, bankruptcy,

a lack of resources, and so much more!


Jeff has emerged as a living testament to the power of the human spirit and the potential within each of us.

“Your mindset is the steering wheel for your life, where it goes you will follow!”

In this episode, Jeff & Ivonne talked about:

  • The Impact CRACK and addiction had on his family.
  • Overcoming anxiety, stuttering, and surviving divorce.
  • Facing & conquering the monster of Domestic Violence. 
  • Protecting his mother.
  • The challenge of Accepting Love.
  • Why is it important to lift others and not crush them?
  • Helping others overcome to rise.
  • Having the FAITH of a mustard seed.
  • The importance of OBEYING God.

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