171 – Heart, Mind, Alchemy, with Holly Copeland

“Heart Mind Alchemy”, uniting Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science.

“I was determined to never let myself become so unhappy again and inspired to change a WHOLE lot more.”

Our guest today, Holly Copeland, has a genuine passion for helping people discover what it means to step into the flow of life and live in unshakeable joy and well-being while healing their mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

With a deep connection to nature from her 20+ years of career as a conservation scientist, she founded HeartMind Alchemy to unite ancient wisdom and modern science and empower clients on their path to human flourishing and upgrading from “ordinary mind” to awake awareness. Her background weaves certified training in the healing modalities of Breath of Love and Biofield Tuning with Human Potential Coaching, Reiki and Subtle Energy meditation.

In this episode, Ivonne and Holly talk about:
  • The Gift of Falling Apart.
  • Darkness and light.
  • Opportunities for awakening and Freedom.
  • Extending Compassion as a healing medicine.
  • Meditation; Unlocking the Grounded Being.
  • Taking the journey inward.
  • The Rewire My Brain Project.
  • Becoming a lighthouse for the world. -Heart Mind Alchemy
  • An incredible blessing at the end of the show, & so much more…
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