161 – Heart Sutra: Coming to Full and Perfect Vision with Ivonne Delaflor

“The heart of the perfection of wisdom. The Blessed Mother”

For more than 10 Years I have been practicing this Sutra, and unknowingly receiving a spiritual treatment as the practice carried on.

The IMPACT the practice, and training, that this sutra has had and is currently having in my life, is of unspeakable proportions.

It is not the chanting of it
It is not even the memorization of it
or the fact that it was imprinted in the soul memory of humanity and its awakening as an energy signature of compassion and wisdom.

Its impact resides in the in-depth contemplation of it, in the feeling of the wisdom felt that goes beyond the words, and in the INTENTIONALITY that the sutra carries for HUMANITY’S AWAKENING.

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