141 – Part 2 of 3: In Search of QI with Damon and Angela Damato

What would it feel like to create the ideal healing place where people can recover their souls,
restore, reset, and revive their spirit?
In this Part 2 of 3, we interviewed the founders of The Healing Sanctuary in Las Vegas; Damon and Angela Damato, and found out that the power of love birthed not only a one-of-a-kind healing sanctuary in the world but also deep healing with science-based modalities available for all.
Angela Damato Grace is an Advanced Food Healing Science Facilitator/Educator and Health Coach who takes a scientific approach to customize action plans designed to meet each client’s unique bio-individual needs. In addition to learning about a person’s goals and concerns, Angela focuses on strategies aimed at improving the quality of a person’s food supply in order to minimize toxic exposure, maximize nutrient density, improve digestion, and support mental health and emotional well-being.


In 2003 Angela was inspired by energy healing, yoga, and meditation while traveling in India. Her teacher introduced her to leading pioneers in the study of the Human Energy Field, including Barbara Brennan. Upon returning to the United States, Angela graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She then successfully completed two years of study at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami.
Angela’s pursuit of a well-rounded education continued at the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Dr. William Sears is a nationally-renowned pediatrician and nutritionist whose science-based curriculum provides leading nutrition and wellness education. From there, Angela completed her training in Advanced Food Healing Science Education. Food Healing Science is the foundation of “Conquering Any Disease”, today’s most cutting-edge naturopathic, high phytochemical-based food-healing system.
Damon Damato, for more than a decade, has been his true purpose to pour into others and give back meaningfully – especially toward those in addiction and the Veteran community. Unfortunately, too often those groups collide and become one. After losing his brother Dean to the addiction to heroin and ultimately suicide – he felt at a loss for many years.
A feeling of guilt that he was either too young and/or didn’t have the skills to have saved his brother. There was a part of his life… a good 10 years that he too felt the grips of addiction and the lack of purpose. It wasn’t until that fateful day in his many travels around the world in search of “QI” he came face to face with a force so powerful and so profound he was shaken to his core and realized he must stop looking outside himself and reckon with the Spirit within, it was the potency of the breath that became his superpower! His quest to learn and become a student of life and then a master of multiple healing modalities… this was his road back to helping others in a way he could not help his own sibling.
Through his focused commitment & dedication to helping those in addiction, he has created the exclusive “Qi to Life” program for The Healing Sanctuary. This program is unlike any other system in that the approach is holistic in nature and backed by science. Mr. Damato has also had the good fortune to interview over 600 successful men and women in more than 70 professions on what makes them tick and how they sustain lasting success, abundance, and happiness. He’s published three books on this topic which received numerous awards. He found it interesting that their answers only had a few things in common. However, there was one major thread that just about all of them shared. It’s what Timothy Leary called: the here and now or the practice of “Mindfulness!” We share these techniques daily and put them into practice along with a meditation-focused routine and a physical workout created by Mr. Damato titled, “Qi-Force.”
Since 2015 he has been touring across America speaking at seminars & lecturing on the topic of (Qi) energy & getting into a FLOW state, personal development, and overcoming addiction. He’s been blessed with the opportunity to share this with 10’s of thousands of people!

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