160 – Why Do People Suffer? with Ngakpa Konchok Doje Tsondon

During today’s episode, we have as our guest, Ngakpa Konchok Doje Tsondon (this name was given by Garchen Rinpoche).

As a child, Ngakpa’s first question to ask a priest was why does humanity suffer? Since the priest could not answer he rode to the library at 12 and found himself reading the Bhagavad-gītā, the Quran, and finally found the Buddha’s teachings.

Later in life, he practiced Theravada Buddhism, but as time went by he started noticing that he was very into Tibetan Buddhism. That’s when life brought him to Karma Kagyu where he found teachings from Karmapa and Sharmapa.

He was not sure being a monk was his path, but after praying to Milarepa he found Garchen Rinpoche who taught him the way of Mahamudra.

And today he’s here to share with us his perspective on suffering.

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