146 – A True Spiritual Revolution Starts With You with Vrajdevi

“Life’s waves can hit with such force, knock you down so hard that you may feel it impossible to get up again. Then there are other waves that you will ride with ease and grace, floating in an ocean of infinite love. Whichever wave you may be riding right now, know that you are only one breath away from change if you desire. There is no limit to the power of the human spirit – your spirit.”  – Spiritual Revolution, by Vraj Devi.

Vrajdevi, our beloved guest today, is an international Yoga Teacher, Wellness Therapist, Kirtan Leader, and Author of the book, Spiritual Revolution.

She has published three Kirtan Mantra albums; Loving Grace, Beloved, and the most recent album in 2022 Love Light.   Vrajdevi, who was blessed to be immersed in the Bhakti Yoga path, has dedicated her life to this sacred path and continues to be inspired along the journey of life sharing sacred music, Satsang, and devotional service in a natural and loving way.

Vrajdevi is passionate about helping people find holistic balance through the practice of ancient wisdom for modern times.
In this podcast, we dive deep into the power of striving to bring a union of body, mind, and spirit, reconnection to the source, the power of strange, of kirtan, the serendipities of a spiritual journey, and so much more.
Her dedicated services include yoga, meditation, and sound healing to help people reconnect to their inner strength, and to their source.
“We love Vrajdevi, pure devotional music.” Deva Premal & MitenTo learn more about Vrajdevi, and purchase her music, books, and attend her concerts or workshops:

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