076 – Mindset is a process

In this new episode, we had the privilege to have a conversation with a man who is a living example; he teaches us how we can really achieve and become anything we want in life.

Brayan Garcia, business mentor, coach, business owner, speaker, and entrepreneur extraordinaire, shares with us his unique MINDSET PROCESS that can help YOU get into the right mindset.

Brayan also shares how the blessings turned into struggles in his life shaped his character, strength, and soul.

He shares a deeply moving story about his mother, sister, and the gift of responsibility he has received in his life.

He was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and raised in Los Angeles, California. He feels being born in Mexico & raised in the U.S. has given him the best from both worlds, as he is very proud of his culture and traditions but also very grateful he had the opportunity to have an education in the United States ????????.

Nevertheless, this same blessing at some point in his life turned into a struggle, a struggle he used as a stepping-stone towards entrepreneurship.

Brayan now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the owner of an E-Commerce business and has a Blog that empowers people to be the best they can be. He has had the opportunity to speak to thousands of people in different venues and discovered it is a passion of his to speak to people’s hearts!

Now he is excited to share more with you and is committed to adding value to your life.

You can follow Brayan on IG~> https://www.instagram.com/brayangarcia.lasvegas/

You can also follow him on FB ~> https://www.facebook.com/vitaminamentallv

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