077 – ASK, SEEK, KNOCK – The Final Episode

In this, our last episode of the SOVEREIGN FUTURES PODCAST, Ivonne Delaflor shares with us why she decided to re-brand and re-name the podcast to SPIRITUALITY NOW.
She also shares with us a blessing and invites the audience to contemplate and apply in their life the power of:


To manifest fulfillment in life.

We will continue to serve you on the same platforms, and continue to share with you powerful interviews that will help you in your life mastery, in your path of awakening, and in your path of service here and now.

See you in the next episode of SPIRITUALITY NOW.

This is the last time we will be giving away a FREE GUIDED Futuring Journey as a token of gratitude for supporting, subscribing, and sharing our philanthropic podcast. Please enjoy!
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Ivonne Delaflor
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