028 – Living Your Story of Divine Union with Kristina Marie

“The New Myth is our individual and collective journey back to God, the divine, our eternal Source — an inner pilgrimage from separation to union”

Kristina Marie

Kristina Marie is a transformational story mentor, book doula, and the divine creator of Voyages of the Spirit. She worked as a journalist and an editor at top national publications, including T magazine at the New York Times, for more than a decade. 

Now, she combines her publishing skills, intuitive gifts, and soul’s wisdom to support leaders, visionaries, and storytellers of the New Myth. She guides these leaders in fully living their personal myth, telling their stories, and birthing their books through her signature Transformational Story Map process. 

Kristina is also a teacher of the Rising Star, a solar-powered healing modality and unity consciousness transmission from ancient Egypt, and initiates others into this master seed lineage.



In this episode Kristina and I dive deep into a  heroic journey  of learning  and remembering: 

  • The Infinite Well of Curiosity   
  • Becoming a weaver of storytelling
  • Learning to Navigate your own field 
  • From Empathy to Mastery 
  • Diving in the deep well of your sacred gifts 
  • Why your story matters 
  • The importance of being an eternal student of life 
  • Becoming YOUR NEW MYTH    
  • The  Gift of DIVINE UNION that the LAST TEMPTATION  brings

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