127 – Reinventing Yourself, The End of The Inner War with Camilla Dorand

Are you looking to forgive your mother?

Are you asking for a sign from God to know what’s next in your life? 

My guest today did,  and she believes God gave her the answer to her questions as a gift, wrapped as THYROID CANCER.

Camilla Dorand is an expert in reinventing herself. She started her career as a lawyer with a masters in legal studies in Brazil. 

After pursuing law for 6 years she decided to quit and became a media personality and national reference for image consulting and lifestyle coach in Brazil. After having thyroid cancer, she met her husband and moved to the United States. 

Since Camilla moved to America she got a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, became a  Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Nevada, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, is in the middle of her Ph.D., and is a yoga junkie and Reiki Master. 


Camilla is also the author of “Back to Me – Changing How I Feel About My Mother, My Body, and Men”, and is working on another book called “Becoming the Woman I am Meant to Be”. She also has a few books published in Brazil.

Camilla is the creator and host of an annual Ayurvedic retreat held in Brazil twice a year called Spiritual Journey in Brazil. 

Camilla has recently become the owner and publisher of a local community magazine – Red Rock City LIfestyle – that has been thriving. 

Camilla loves animals, people, and travel.

To learn more about Camilla, you can visit her social media:

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