120 – Forgiveness is a Choice with Kia Scherr

A true Peacepreneur, author, teacher, and long-time meditator, Kia Scherr.

Kia Scherr has spent 25 years studying, practicing, and teaching at the Sanctuary Holistic Retreat Center in Virginia. After her husband and 13-year-old daughter were killed in the Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008, Kia co-founded One Life Alliance to teach peace education programs based on Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness. 

She is the author of A Pocketbook of Peace, a Guidebook to transforming life with love. 

Kia spent 6 years in Mumbai, India working with business, education, and police. 

Her latest book – Forgiveness is a Choice has now been released by Penguin Random House India. 

She is currently creating guided meditations for opening the heart to love.



And in this episode, Kia shared with us 

  • Unbounded ocean of consciousness 
  • The space beyond thought
  • The Aware Presence of pure beingness
  • Her experience with Maharishi the founder of Transcendental Meditation 
  • High Tech Meditation
  • Synchronicity 
  • Her experience of going through the death  of her daughter and husband at the hands of terrorism 
  • Honoring the Sacredness of Life, &
  • Why forgiveness is a choice

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