096 – The Dimension of Illumination

“Suffering comes from Imagination.”

I had the privilege to have another Godversation with a truly impeccable soul, master in his field, and modern-day monk:

Chris Tai Melodista.

Chris Tai Melodista, aka Ze Modern Monk, studied photography and was a fashion photographer and filmmaker in Paris and Madrid. Martial arts was his passion and he has trained since he was six years old. This formulated his lifestyle at an early age with learned values such as honor, character, discipline, compassion, humility, and courage.

Coming to the U.S in 2009, he dedicated his life to the discipline of personal development. His studies were extensive and he achieved an impressive series of certifications and affiliations. These include: life and love conscious coaching with Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, certified yoga instructor, the Russian martial art Systema, NLP licensed master practitioner, clinical hypnosis, MovNat trainer level 1&2, and the Wim Hof Method, the first U.S. certified instructor.

In our conversation Chris shared with us:

His experience in Lhasa and what Buddhism taught him
The importance to translate ancient wisdom into contemporary times
The importance of EXPERIENCE vs concepts
What it means to be a SUPERHUMAN
The power of SPIRIT, Aka the BREATH
Why ILLUMINATION is not a direction but a dimension

Chris loves teaching and sharing his knowledge and experience. He enjoys inspiring and guiding people, helping them make positive changes to grow and live their full potential. Chris considers himself a student of life and he’s perpetually growing.

If you want to learn more about Ze Modern Monk, visit his social media:

Instagram ???? https://www.instagram.com/zemodernmonk/
Website ???? https://www.ethosflow.com/
Facebook ???? https://www.facebook.com/zemodernmonk

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