147 – The Payoff Of Success with Cory Budovitch

Our guest today, a dear ally and friend, Cory Budovitch is the founder and President of Budovitch Legacy Planning. BLP is a niche financial advisory that focuses on removing the key erosion factors of wealth.
Since the year 2000 Cory has built a rock foundation for success in the lives of his Extreme High Net Worth Clients.
He has saved them billions of dollars in Tax over several future generations
Sold Billions of Dollars of Life Insurance.
Qualified for Million Dollar Round Table top of the table last 12 years in a row (Organization inside top 1 % of worlds Advisors qualify for).
Cory has sold some of the largest cases in Canada for Life Insurance. Recognized as a worlds leading expert in Life insurance.

Cory is also a lifelong student of self-development. He has worked with some of the greatest minds in the self-development world on getting better… Including:
  • Tim Grover
  • Dr. Bob Rotella
  • Werner Erhard
  • T Harv Eker
  • Bob Proctor
  • David Meltzer
He is the Father of 4 beloved children Logan, Marlee, Jordan, and Paxton, and his fiancé Dr. Tabatha McHill. Cory has an outstanding relationship with his ex-wife and co-parent of his 3 children.
In this podcast, we talk all about mindset, the challenges that he went through to build himself as a successful man, and how  He empowers couples struggling through divorce and heartbreak.
Cory is also a consultant/coach to some of the highest achievers in the world. Cory is Philanthropist and is passionate about First Tee Foundation (Golf and leadership for underprivileged children), Jewish Family and Child Services (Therapy for underprivileged children), the Conservative Govt in Canada, and the Republican Party of the USA.
If you want to learn more about Cory, visit his social media and website:
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