090 – God wants you to be a Millionaire

Today we have a new episode in our SPIRITUALITY NOW podcast that I highly recommend to everyone that wants to be a millionaire, or that has had any struggle regarding money to listen.

This is the first podcast interview where I literally shed tears as my amazing guest shared the reasons, wisdom, the rock bottom moments, and the way God called him to be a master of finances, money and become a millionaire (not only financially, but also spiritually) in order to serve humanity.

Kelly Schols, speaker, author, success mentor, and business consultant who draws upon his diverse industry knowledge and broad experience, from the field to the back office to the boardroom. Kelly works with executives and entrepreneurs who want to transform their personal, professional, and financial goals into reality. He uses his history of running a multi-million-dollar company and initiating revolutionary financial education programs as a backdrop for his Financial Freedom workshops, through which he brings hope for a debt-free future to his client’s employees and team leaders.


In 2020 Kelly published ‘Never by the Book,’ a memoir and guide to share his story of lessons learned and applied to better his life and those around him. Today Kelly shares his ‘Never by the Book’ message of hope and overcoming through his speaking, workshops, coaching, and podcast.

A widower and father of two daughters, Kelly spearheaded the effort to establish the Heather Schols Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, named after his late wife, in Mount Vernon, Washington. He lives in Washington State, where he pursues his mission to lead others to lives of success and significance.

If you want to know more about Kelly, check out the following:
Podcast: https://kellyschols.com/podcast/
Web page: https://kellyschols.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kellyscholsinc/

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