113 – The Quadrant of Evolution with Alex Slucki

Alex is a renowned author, lyricist, visual artist, scriptwriter, composer, mentor, and speaker.

His multi-layered reality allows him to always be in the process of creative self-actualization which he generously shares with the world at large.

For more than 25 years, his natural, psychic abilities have led him to work in several fields such as channeling light-beings and guides; he also has a unique style for the interpretation and teaching of Tarot to connect to our souls and develop the fullness of our human potential.

He has developed many different programs to help people thrive, such as Soul-Sequencing, the Integral Transformation System, and the Anatomy of Co-Creation.

He is the author of several books which have reached the Best-Seller category on Amazon in both fantasy and non-fiction, personal evolution categories. He wrote the script for the spiritually inclined, Mexican musical REGINA.


Alex shares with us today a revolutionary system called:

“The Quadrant of Evolution”

and walks us through the quadrants of:

1. Survival / Vengeance
2. Egotism
3. Empathy/Self Sacrifice
4. Plenitude and Infinite Joy

If you want to learn more about Alex, visit his social media and stay tuned:

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