“I don’t know a greater definition of faith & spirituality than believing in yourself.” Shari Wenk

Ladies and Gentleman,

I can’t tell you enough how excited our whole team is for our podcast episode today.

Not only this time of the year is one of my favorites (fall, Halloween, the soon-to-be Mexican Celebration of the Dead), but it is also the soon-to-be birthday celebration of our very special guest.

Personally, I AM SO GRATEFUL for this interview as this is a dream come true for me as I have as a guest one of my most beloved mentors and a true WOMAN OF ACTION and thus FAITH, Mrs. Shari Wenk.

For more than 30 groundbreaking years as a sports agent and bestselling author, Shari Wenk has represented sports celebrities and journalists in management, marketing, publishing, speaking appearances, brand and content development, media relations, and social media.

One of the first women to dominate the sports marketing industry, she has negotiated deals for her clients in excess of a half-billion dollars.

Since launching The SLW Agency in 1988, Shari has worked with such Hall of Famers and legends as Tiger Woods, Earl Woods, Terry Bradshaw, Walter Payton, Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Joe Theismann, Skip Bayless, Joe Garagiola, Tony Gwynn, Bob Griese, Dennis Rodman, Jay Johnstone, Steve Garvey, Rickey Henderson, Ron Santo, Armen Keteyian, countless more sports stars, award-winning journalists., and THE BEST “Winning Mindset” mentor in the world:

Shari is co-author of three bestsellers by Tiger Woods & Earl Woods, and has also ghostwritten a dozen other celebrity bestsellers.

Most importantly, she is the co-author, with Tim S. Grover of the N.Y Times bestseller books:

“RELENTLESS: From Good to Great to Unstoppable” and
”W1NNING; The Unforgiving Race to Greatness”

Shari shares with us in this podcast what it takes to W1N in life, and why, while you are alive you should take chance on yourself and “DO EVERYTHING” your soul desires to DO.

Shari is a proud mom of three humans and several dogs, she co-leads with Tim S. Grover the exclusive online mindset training group: “DOWN & DIRTY”

Shari and her husband are based in Chicago.

Watch Shari Wenk and Tim S. Grover talk about WINNING


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